Achieving a medical degree is no joke. However, the majority of doctors feel like their hard work has been wasted. 

If it sounds like you, don’t worry! Its IT Group is here to just mold your marketing strategy to outrank the renowned doctors in your area.

It’s a shame if, in the 20th century, a business doesn’t use social media to boost its revenue. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss social media management for doctors.

Before we dive into it, you should have a firm belief that digital marketing for doctors is possible & can do wonders for your business. Social media is a part of digital marketing & today we’re only going to focus on that!

What is social media management?

Of course, you all know about the famous social media platforms: Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. 

However, have you ever wondered if there is any right way to use these platforms to get the most out of them?

The answer is a firm YES. That’s where social media management comes from! In addition to it, social media marketing for doctors is equally important! 

Every day you use your own Facebook account: post exciting photos, share some entertaining videos, and share your thoughts with your friends. You are already managing a social media account! That really is social media handling but on a larger scale. In this complete guide, you’ll learn the essentials of Social media management for doctors.

You should realize that whenever you plan to use social media for business, random postings would lead nowhere. That is why you need to plan & manage beforehand!

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Social media management for doctors:

You might be feeling weird that as a doctor, how can you use social media to showcase your expertise. 

Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss in this blog.

As a social media marketing company, we feel that these social media platforms should be your top priority as a doctor:

Let’s discuss the essentials of social media management for doctors. When it comes to social media handling, there are two main components:

  1. Content Creation
  2. Content Management 

Both are different. Social media is all about testing. So, it is not necessary that whatever you post will go viral or engages your audience. That’s why you should be posting various things & keep a track of those posts to manage them effectively!

Excited to learn about social media management for doctors? Let’s get to it!

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Social media

Content to post as a doctor on social media:

Content creation is undoubtedly an essential aspect of social media management. We’ll only discuss the content creation specifically related to doctors only. So, if you’re a one, you can have a better understanding of running social media for your medical practice. 

So, let’s get started.


Blog posts on social media? Who has the time to read 500 words of content on a Facebook post? You’re right, but our strategy is different. 

When it comes to digital marketing for doctors, a medical website is a must. As a doctor, you’ve expertise in the area of your field. Moreover, you know that people are madly searching for various diseases, treatments, and home remedies. 

Just think if you start blogging on those topics, your website’s visitors would increase & as well as your credibility as a doctor! 

But wait a minute… How blogging can help in social media management for doctors? 

The answer is simple. You have to repurpose the content. 

For example, you’ve written a 1000 words blog post related to home remedies for hypothyroidism. 

Now, you want to share it on your social media platforms for user engagement, right?

So, here are a few ways:

On Facebook, you could just add an attractive image. In the next section, you could just only highlight the main 5 home remedies! This will make your audience curious and if your content is great, they will visit your blog post!

For interest & Instagram, you could repurpose it by creating 5 various attractive images. Those images could have 5 remedies written on them in a fun & attractive way! Don’t forget to buy our cheap canva account to make your images creative!

Patient testimonials:

This is the most effective way to engage & convert your audience through social media platforms. It doesn’t matter how famous a doctor you are; the important thing is that even if you have treated 1-2 patients, they should be satisfied with you! 

If that is the case, congratulations! Your next patient is just coming in a few days! 

Just convince your existing patients to shoot a 15-30 seconds video in which they explain how you helped them. Upload that video on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create user engagement!

Feature Employees:

Featuring the staff of your medical clinic/hospital is of immense importance. It increases your credibility as a doctor and makes your clinic/hospital more popular!

The best way to feature your staff is by wishing them happy birthdays. As it will create new content every month & will enhance user engagement as well! 

Ask a question/poll:

This could be a fun & and effective way to interact with your audience.

You could just ask frequently various fun questions related to health, food, diet, diseases, and treatments. 

Facebook & Instagram stories are the best way for this strategy!

Thank Your Audience:

When it comes to social media management for doctors, it is the most crucial strategy!

Whenever you reach a milestone: page likes or followers. Always thank your audience & set up giveaways or even some discounts for certain people!

Arrange various contests with a prize that helps you in converting more patients!Curated Content:

What do we mean by curated content? 
Whatever your business model, there is always a superior & popular brand. Curated content means that you should be sharing other brands’ posts. It is another strategy that shows you are familiar with your field and keeps your audience engaged. 

Video Content:

If you really want to excel in social media management for doctors, then a Youtube presence is a must.

Video content can do wonders for doctors’ marketing!

So, what to post on youtube?

Again, you’ve to repurpose the content. Follow the exact same strategies given in the blog posts section above. 

For example, convert your 1000-word blog posts into a 15 minutes video on youtube without even changing the context! After witnessing the result, you’ll be amazed! 

Content management

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Content management for social media:

Why is it essential to check the performance of your posts frequently? As mentioned above, there are a lot of different ideas about the content that you can post on social media. Not every type of content needs to perform the best for your brand. That’s why you should always audit your social media posts. In this way, you will have a better idea about the success & failures of different types of posts.

Moreover, it will also clarify which type of content is performing well for your audience, and you should then just focus more on that! Auditing your social media posts will also give you an edge when creating advertising campaigns because you would already have enough overview regarding the creatives that are performing well for your audience! 

Seems like a difficult task to create & manage a ton of content. Sure it is, but Its IT Group is here to save you! As a service provider of social media management, we will share with you a strategy for managing content.

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How Does A Content Calendar Help in Social Media Management?

Our simple solution to this complex problem: is a content calendar! We’ve designed a template, if you need one, let us know!

It can be really frustrating to think every day about what to post and can demotivate you easily. With the help of a content calendar, you could easily make a plan for a month regarding what to post, at what, and on which platform. Just brainstorm ideas for three to four days, and come up with a monthly plan. Planning beforehand will save a lot of time & at the same time will give you some massive results! 

After you have made an exclusive plan, it’s time to post. After a week of publishing, just check out the insights of the posts, and manually record them in the content calendar. Like this, at the end of the month, you would have a clear comparison regarding the success & failures of your posts! 

As a professional digital marketing company, we have provided you with the best practices of social media management. Our experts have been managing a lot of social media accounts for years, and we have shared their tactics & experienced with you! You could always ask for our help because our only goal is to grow your business as much as you wish! 

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