Are you still relying on and manifesting patients through referrals? It’s time to wake up and level up to social media marketing for doctors! 

Even when referred to a doctor, your potential patient is keen to check the doctor’s social media for personal consolation, but what if you don’t have an online presence? Understandably, marketing might be a bit extra work on your busy plate or simply your uncharted territory, but that is why we are here- to assist you with social media marketing strategies for doctors! 

Why Embrace Social Media Marketing For Doctors?

Considering the current dynamics, social media is a powerful tool that continuously regulates our lives. An online review dominates our decision-making progress and concludes whether we purchase a product. 

Similarly, social media marketing for doctors is an instrument that, if strategically operated, can be used by doctors to their advantage. These platforms allow you to bring revenue to your business. Still, you must first build an audience, gain their trust, and establish credibility through social media marketing strategies for doctors. 

Reasons To Choose Social Media Marketing For Doctors 

  1. Social media apps help you reach a wider audience, enhance brand awareness, and define an online presence. A review posted online by an influencer is favored more than word of mouth by a collective group. Therefore, social media empowers you to shape the public’s sentiment about your doctoral business. 
  2. You can use social media marketing for doctors as a platform to educate your followers about your medicinal practice. Enlighten them about the medical conditions you treat regularly, and keep your followers engaged! 
  3. By embarking on a journey on social media, you open yourself to reaching a wider audience than you could through traditional marketing strategies. Online platforms have no limit; there is no restriction on who can use them. Thus, there is abundant room for networking with varying audiences. 
  4. With social media, you get to engage with your patients directly. Stories, posts, and live videos are effective communication channels and successful social media marketing strategies for doctors to create a dialogue with their followers. 
  5. You establish credibility, expertise, and a higher authority through engagement and online presence, compelling the same followers to visit you in person! 
  6. Social media marketing for doctors is a budget-friendly marketing strategy. It is much more cost-effective, especially if you are working with a firm like ours that offers adaptable and affordable, personalized budgets to each of their doctor clients. 
  7. You can increase patient loyalty, simultaneously strengthening your client base via social media as you contact them, give them a peek behind the curtain, and post the right content. Because of this content, your parents come to trust you even more. 

Is Social Media Marketing For Doctors Essential?

If you want your business to keep pace and remain in competition with the fast-paced world catalyzed by technology, then there is no other route to undertake than social media marketing for doctors. 

One of the most pragmatic approaches to avoiding business failure has always been to keep track of competition. So, what is holding you back from using and recognizing the same technique if your fellow doctors are making money out of social media marketing for doctors? 

Social media apps are more than people sharing glimpses of their lives. Professionals have now adopted an approach similar to daily users and have also started posting glimpses into their profession, attracting traffic and making their businesses more profitable. It does not matter that you are a doctor because users are constantly sifting through their feeds while looking for potential dentists, therapists, and orthopedics. 

You may assume your business is running successfully and you have sufficient patients. But what social media brings to you in the form of business has no limit, and only through a little investment is the reaped outcome more fruitful than what you may anticipate. 

Suitable Platforms For Social Media Marketing For Doctors 

At it’s IT Group, our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and we always attempt to work with what is available. Hence, when it comes to social media marketing ideas for doctors, we choose to only work with those social media apps that our client (doctor) and the audience they are targeting both stand to be familiar with. In addition, these platforms work best for social media management for doctors! 

The four shortlisted apps we prefer using for our social media marketing for doctors’ campaigns are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We use each app distinctly, aiming to reach a segmented population’s group. 





Our Approach To Social Media Marketing For Doctors 

1) Abiding By An EPIC Framework For Social Media Marketing Strategies For Doctors

First and foremost, when devising social media marketing strategies for doctors, we believe in brand building on social media by abiding with the EPIC framework. EPIC is a branding framework introduced and used by Facebook and abbreviated for Existence, Purpose, Identity, and Connection. 

When marketing your medicinal expertise for social media marketing for doctors, we aim to focus on these four aspects precisely. Begin with how we plan to set up your business’s existence and how and why it came into being. Then, move on to the purpose and why you love doing your job as a doctor. Then, identify how you want your medicinal proficiency online and the colors and logo that will appropriately blend in with the theme. Concluding the strategy with connection is essentially elaborating on the dialogue’s tone. You will have to decide after looking at the sort of patient base you have. For example, if the tone of the posts and conversation will be formal, casual, or slang. 

2) Repurposing And Recreating Content Per The Platform

Repurposing and recreating content is a valuable and time-saving social media marketing idea for doctors. With these measures, you can ensure the same information is marketed across all platforms and to a different audience. 

We plan to work with the same content for your social media marketing strategies for doctors; nevertheless, repurpose and recreate it to be posted most appealingly and aptly on the chosen platform. Let’s say you post an informational blog post on your healthcare website; then, we will break down the same post into snippets and post it as short tweets.

The essence of the tweets and the blog post will remain the same- informational. The language we will use to address the readers will differ here, and we will alter it to suit the setting of the social media application.

Likewise, our proficient writers will draft a script of the narrative blog post; again, they will translate the complexities into layman’s language so viewers understand the content. For Instagram, the primary focus will be visuals rather than the information, and we will only post best-suited images.

For example, if your blog post mainly discusses foods that could stain teeth, then on Instagram, instead of listing foods, we can post their pictures, and on YouTube, create a video explaining how those food items stain the teeth. 

3) Paid Facebook And Instagram Ads In Social Media Marketing For Doctors

To maximize the value of the content and ensure that it reaches a broader audience, organic marketing only helps to an extent in social media marketing for doctors. Organic marketing is crucial but more commanding when backed up by paid Facebook and Instagram ads. 

With the specifications in paid Facebook and Instagram ads, you will likely be apparent to a broader audience. Not only this, but the specifications allow you to choose the type of people you want to be noticed by, such as you can define the age group, gender, and demography of your choice. 

These customized ads have been designed for businesses like yours to align with your branding goals, and only by paying an affordable amount can you enhance your presence and continuously monitor the results through the depicted analytics. 

Its IT Group’s Plan For Paid Ads For Doctors: 

The IT Group primarily bases its plan for paid Facebook and Instagram ads as part of social media marketing strategies for doctors to work within a budget. We do not want to exceed your rather limited budget, and to make the most out of the provided resources for social media marketing for doctors, our undertaken approach is a top-down funnel approach. 

After experimenting with multiple strategies, the most fitting strategy for your doctoral business’s marketing is, to begin with brand awareness and then narrow down to progressing with lead generation and conversion ads. 

1) Brand Awareness

The mere term of brand awareness translates to familiarizing the target audience with your business and their ability to recognize it well. We want your doctoral business to have such a massive recognition that it is ingrained in the minds of users so they become affiliated with the brand through the assistance of paid ads. 

Once through paid advertisements both on Instagram and Facebook, when the viewers repeatedly see your medical expertise stories, testimonials, and posts, they will better acknowledge the brand. This will eventually compel them to avail of your services. 

Another reason brand awareness is integral for your social media marketing strategies for doctors is to create value for your skills. Remember how you have a hold of shaping the public’s sentiments? You can further this sentiment through paid ads, significantly magnifying your targetted audience. 

The main goal of using paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, or another platform you want is to increase the brand’s reach. Organic content can only help with content amplification to maybe your followers and their friends, but with paid advertisements, the content is visible beyond the segmented population.  

2) Lead Generation Ads

Once we have ensured that the consumer market (patients) is aware of your brand, we will begin to work on the following social media marketing idea for doctors: lead generation ads. You use social media marketing for doctors to capture reliable leads and transform them into loyal customers. 

The most effective and easiest way to navigate this journey is with lead-generation ads, which you can place on any preferred social media platform. These ads will bring us data about an individual who has clicked on the ad, and then the collected data in the form of a name, email address, phone number, location, age, and gender can be later used by the business to do outreach. 

With the support of lead generation ads in social media marketing strategies for doctors, we can build a potential client lead database for you to correspond with in the future. These ads can generate information through varying modes, such as directing people to fill out health-related forms, making them sign up for an offer, requesting them to check their email, or providing confirmation after signing up for your business’s newsletter to receive healthcare tips regularly. 

3) Conversion Ads

Lastly, we conclude your social media marketing strategies for doctors with conversion ads. These ads encourage a user to take action; they impel potential patients to click on your page to take the action you want. For example, this action could be visiting your business’s Instagram or Facebook page directly from the ad or viewing a specific post, video, or any other action you direct. 

In social media marketing for doctors, conversion advertisements target people likely to engage with your paid ad, keeping track of how many people convert. The basis for conversion ads to operate is to grow sales, increase traffic to your doctoral businesses page, or prompt an action such as directly visiting the website. 

Our Secret Facebook Ads Strategy That Works Every Time! 

The top-down funnel approach that we have stated earlier applies to all kinds of social media marketing for doctors. But it is often unnecessary to work through the funnel, especially when the services you want to advertise come with a budget constraint. There is no need for you to do brand awareness pay for lead generation and conversion ads because sometimes your services may be $50, but the collective ad amount that you would have to pay will be more. 

Therefore, after much experimentation, we have cracked a simple and budget-friendly formula for all our clients. 

  1. If your doctoral services are under $50, you can make do without the three-way funnel strategy. Our expert marketers at its IT Group have gained their doctor-patient sales and more clients multiple times without abiding by the funnel approach. However, this has only happened when the marketed services are under $50.
  2. On the other hand, if you are running social media marketing for doctors’ campaigns for services that are between $50-100, then only working with lead generation and conversion ads is sufficient. We have generated outstanding results for services of such value by altering and dealing only with the last two kinds of ads. 
  3. Nevertheless, if your services are over $100, we must wholly implement the funnel approach for your social media marketing strategies for doctors. This means we must completely integrate every step and focus on the intricacies of brand awareness, lead generation, and conversion ads.

There is always room for flexibility and experimentation in Its IT Groups. Though we have mentioned only a proposition, upon our client’s insistence, we are always there for them to test various strategies and work around the funnel.

Its IT Group’s Best Practices For Paid Ads Enhancement 

Paid ads are one milestone that we achieved in social media marketing ideas for doctors. Nonetheless, if you want these ads to have lucrative results, let us include our best-adopted practices for paid ad enhancement. We will scale your paid advertisements on Instagram and Facebook to enhance activity and increase traffic to your business’s page. 

1) Test, Test, Test For Social Media Marketing For Doctors

In the initial stages, to enhance the outcomes of paid ads, we test, test, and test. Here, we are not only testing and working on crafting the most creative copy of your ad but simultaneously deciphering the sort of audience to which these copies would stand out the most. 

One should never put split testing on a break in social media marketing for doctors. Every patient has a preference, and while the choices of collective patients may not align, there is some similarity between their tastes that you could appeal to, only if you have the right social media marketing strategies for doctors. Hence, we split the test, created two distinct yet aesthetic copies of an ad, marketed it through paid ads to two sample groups, and then saw which got the most engagement. That will be our winning ad and the one we invest the most in! 

2) Leveraging AI For Eye-Catching Creatives

While creating designs for paid advertisements that we intend to post, creative minds at our company will leverage AI to achieve the most captivating ad results. Sometimes, the message that a human mind cannot manifest is perfectly curated by AI. We will pair AI’s excellence and human creativity together to produce phenomenal ads for your social media marketing for doctors. 

The AI will not do all the work, but we will only use it to leverage to offer new and trending ideas, color palettes, or some tactics to recreate and repurpose headings and descriptions. Another beneficial use of AI we will do is regarding personalization. Algorithms create personalized ads per the targeted audience, tailoring the content most efficiently for engagement. 

3) Using Facebook AD Library

Do you want to keep track of the competition and know why their ads are generative and yours are not? Reside to Facebook library, a valuable resource that provides information against competitors’ strategies for social media marketing for doctors. The collected information, when analyzed, empowers you to use their measures as a benchmark to explore where there is room for improvement and then to improvise accordingly. 

The platform operates like a public, comprehensive catalog of ads and unravels the competitor’s tactics, which we will not be copying but will use to derive inspiration from. Learning from other’s missteps and triumphs, we can make informed decisions for your social media marketing strategies for doctors, fortifying our paid campaigns. 

4) Making the Landing Page Attractive And Well Focused

Have you ever wondered why your paid ads are not working? It may not be related to selecting an unsuitable audience but maybe because of other technicalities that are not performing optimally, such as the landing page. 

The user lands on a landing page right after clicking on your paid advertisement. The ad may be reaching your audience, but because the landing page takes ten seconds to load, it is messy, overwhelming, and confusing; visitors exit even before they have a complete look at it. 

Thus, we focus on making the landing page attractive, well-focused, and well-informed. We will do this by optimizing your website’s loading time and fixing the landing page so that your investments do not go to waste. 

5) Employing Hotjar For Social Media Marketing Strategies For Doctors

Hotjar is an AI-generated software that helps you gain a better and more insightful understanding of your customer’s journey while they visit your website. This platform records the behavior analytics and produces feedback for social media marketing strategies for doctors to decide where they are lacking. 

There are two types of tools on Hotjar: observer and ask tools. Observer tools give you a glimpse into what an outsider sees of your website, whereas ask tools are feedback surveys through which you engage with customer concerns. 

For your social media marketing for doctors, we will use Hotjar to connect the dots between identified trends on your websites and where these trends are arising. With observer tools, we can cater to aspects like the website’s load speed, image sizes, and whether the design is creative or not. With the ask tools, we integrate the provided feedback in building the website. For instance, if, according to customer’s preferences, they want to see more tips on dental hygiene, then we post them frequently.

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