Thinking of ways to expand your clinic’s revenue? Think no more. Digital marketing for doctors is here to save the day. One of the components of digital marketing is social media advertising. When it comes to social media, how can we forget Facebook? To help you increase your clinic’s revenue, let’s discuss some strategies related to Facebook Ads For Doctors. 

Are Facebook Ads for doctors worth it?

A simple & absolute answer to this question is a yes. People have a perception that Facebook ads only work for product-selling businesses, which is wrong! As the best social media marketing company, we’d like to inform you that services-based businesses are more in demand & have less competition on Facebook. 

As a doctor, if you’re not running Facebook ads, we are sure that you are missing a big market gap.

Let’s explain to you the importance of Facebook Ads For Doctors:

So, don’t underestimate the power of Facebook Ads for doctors as they can completely change the way you look at your business! 

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Effective Strategies for Facebook Ads for doctors:

The health care industry is always one of the leading ones for generating revenue. Let’s share some stats to give you an idea of how effective Facebook ads are for the healthcare niche. 

According to 9clouds, the ads for doctors are performing on the following numbers:

If you’ve ever run a Facebook Ads campaign, you’d realize that the above data is pretty good! 

Let’s explain to you briefly how to set up a Facebook Ad campaign for doctors. 

1 – Invest your time in competitor research to save some dollars

We know that running Facebook ads for the first time can be daunting, especially if you don’t know how to run & scale up the campaign! But what’s better than copying the fundamentals of a successful health care Facebook Ads campaign? Yes! It’s possible.

The process is very simple. Firstly you’ve to find 3-4 health care Facebook pages that are relevant to the services you’re offering. Found those? Great! 

Now head over to the Facebook Ad library. It’s a free tool provided by Facebook to analyze the Ads of your competitors.  

Just search the name of your competitor’s page, and BOOM! All of the active ads will be displayed. 

You should take note of the following things while analyzing your competitor’s ads:

Let’s discuss another strategy: it is about extracting detailed targeting information from your competitor’s Facebook ads. 

Next time while scrolling, if you see Facebook ads related to healthcare, just stop the screen right there! 

Here’s what you must do:

Click on the three dots on the top right of the post. Then click on the option “Why I’m seeing this Ad”

Facebook will provide you with the details of targeting & age group, which is vital information for running Facebook Ad campaigns. 

If you’re successful in extracting the above data, congratulations! You’ve done a great job & are ready to start Facebook ads for doctors to increase your clinic’s revenue! 

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2 – Sharpen your mind to get creative for Facebook ads for doctors:

Its IT Group is one of the leading digital marketing agencies that help businesses to increase their revenue with the power of digital marketing. 

There are a lot of marketers who don’t talk about the importance of creatives when it comes to Facebook Ads. 

Here’s the reality: designing attractive creatives according to your customer’s avatar can decrease costs and even result in more conversions/leads. 

These are the following photography pro tips to consider while designing creatives for Facebook Ads For Doctors:

Implementing the above guidelines will definitely result in an attractive & user-focused creative for the Facebook Ad Campaign. 

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3 – Create your SMART Goals & Set up your KPIs

This is one of the most crucial parts of Facebook advertising. It is crucial to be clear about what you want from the audience. That’s where SMART Goals come in.

Your goal should be crystal clear because it will then determine your campaign objectives & KPIs. Your goal can be to increase sales, generate more leads, or increase brand awareness of your medical clinic. 

Setting up a SMART goal is extremely important for Facebook ads for doctors. Now it’s the time to set up your KPIs (Key performing indicators). 

Let’s give you some examples to explain the concept of KPIs for Facebook ads for doctors:

Do you think that defining goals is enough for your business? Not at all. It’s also necessary to measure them! Measuring your goals will enlighten you about your success/failures, which will assist you further in your marketing goals.  

Key performing indicators (KPIs) will help you measure your defined goals. We’ll give you an example that will clear all the doubts in your mind. 

If your goal is to increase sales, then your KPI should be the following:

If your goal is to increase traffic on your website, then your KPI should be the following:

Your KPIs are defined according to your goals. It’s essential to measure your goals: so that you have a better understanding of the overall performance. 

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4 – Defining audience and demographics related to Facebook ads for doctors:

Now that you’re clear regarding your goal, set up your KPIs, and the creatives are ready. Only one essential step is left before you launch your healthcare campaign on Facebook: audience & detailed targeting. 

We’ll not make this part super technical. Let’s explain you in simple words. 

Facebook ads performance has been changed after the iOS 14 update. The shorter version of this complex problem is that Apple has given an option to its users not to share their data with third-party apps. Now this restricts Facebook from collecting data on all iPhone users. 

Due to the limitation of data, we always recommend increasing the size of your targeted audience. That’s what you should do while setting up social media ads for doctors. 

You’re the master of your work. So, you should know the age group. Select it & then select the local area where you’re located. For now, do not select any detailed targeting option. If your board audience size is less than 100,000, we would recommend you just run your campaign without turning on any detailed targeting.


If after selecting the age & gender, your audience size is still broad, then you should definitely use the detailed targeting option!

The detailed targeting option is not that technical. We can’t tell the ideal detailed targeting option for you, because we don’t know your patients! As a doctor, you know the nature of your patient, and that’s exactly what you should select in detailed targeting (if available) for the best results! 

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