Imagine a scenario: You’ve worked hard to get your medical degree, but as you step into the professional world, you realize that in your local area, it will take you years to become a reputable & successful doctor. However, with some simple strategies, you can quickly beat up the competition. That’s where you need digital marketing for doctors.

Do you believe, as a doctor, you’re capable enough to handle a crowd of patients outside your clinic? Then get ready because we provide the most effective medical digital marketing company, and can help you grow your business.

Significance Of Digital Marketing For Doctors:

Let’s be realistic: just like other doctors, you also want to increase/start your clinic’s revenue. You want to be as successful as a renowned doctor in your local area, right? This is possible, but the pathway is slightly different, and you’ve to work smart!

Firstly start searching related to a famous doctor in your area on Google, and we bet that you will not find any online presence of them! That’s where your competitor is lacking, and the power of digital marketing for doctors will help you to increase your awareness. Digital marketing is a gold mine to boost your business!  When you will showcase your expertise on google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you’ll be addressing millions of patients already!

The importance of online marketing for doctors is the following:

  • Your skills are showcased to millions of users already
  • Having an authentic website will increase your credibility in society
  • Showing your patient’s testimonials is SUPER important, as it will increase the authority of your brand & will attract more patients!
  • After years of working on the website, you could also enjoy revenue from ads!
To clarify regarding digital marketing for doctors, imagine a scenario: A person lived in town A for years but recently shifted to town B. Upon his arrival in the new city, he immediately wants to see a doctor. He doesn’t know anyone and is unaware of the best doctors in town B. What would be his first move? We bet that you’re wrong! Instead of asking random people about the best doctors, he will just google “best medicine doctor in town B”. If you were to be one in the search results, you just got a patient! Congratulations! 

Top 7 Effective Techniques Of Digital Marketing For Doctors:

How Its IT Group will help you with digital marketing for clinics?
The answer is simple & relevant: we’re going to focus on local SEO!
That’s the only strategy to get you more business. It is crucial to understand that people need online medical services where they are living.
You can’t expect a patient from Town A while your website shows that your clinic is in town B. Hence, we will focus only on Local SEO. The bad news is that search volumes are low, but the good news is that it is easy to rank your website!
Internet Marketing For Doctors
What digital marketing services do we provide?
We always have a pre-defined setup to market your product. Here are the top 7 strategies for doctor’s online marketing.  Let’s have a look at those:

1, Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We’ll digitalize your business right away! After creating your website, the most important thing is to rank it up on the search engines. Our SEO services are the most effective way to rank your website. We always start with keyword research: we’ll just focus on those keywords that are popular in your local area and will optimize your medical website according to them.

What type of content will work for a medical website?

Source: HubSpot

The above stats are proof of how important are blog posts when it comes to promoting your business online. Your website will ONLY get organic research in one case: by writing blog posts that are SEO-optimised, and cover the keywords, which your audience is searching for!


We will generate quality content about your business: the most effective strategy to gain people’s attention is by sharing a personal experience of a doctor, and by following this strategy your content will be unique! As mentioned above, we’ll only focus on the long-tail keywords that are popular in your local area.

Another effective method to increase the authority of your website is by writing various blog posts. Here, your expertise & knowledge as a practicing doctor will be of great help to us.

Every week we’ll post related to various topics such as healthy diet, weight loss, information related to disease, treatments, and much more!

Posting related to your field on the website will help you in website ranking and as well as it will increase the trust of your patients as well. We believe that it is one of the most effective techniques when it comes to digital marketing for doctors.

Furthermore, we make the content stronger by generating high-quality backlinks. Along with these effective services, we provide website audits and website speed optimization.

You can read our complete guide to Search Engine Optimisation if you want to learn more regarding it. However, we’ve provided you with the basic knowledge that is essential when it comes to marketing for doctors.

2, Google My Business:

As we’re implementing local SEO, setting up a local directory is crucial to boosting your inquiries. Google My Business is one of the most effective ways to rank your profile against some keywords. It is an authoritative directory by google, which displays local businesses according to the inquiry searched by the users.
Our experts will effectively manage your directory, which will ensure that if anyone searches related to medical services then your services should be displayed on the top. We know how to audit the directory in an effective way that results in massive success.
The only thing we need from you is some positive reviews from your existing patients, and the rest we’ll handle!
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Your google directory will consist of the following:
  • Attractive images of your clinic/hospital
  • Patients testimonials
  • Important updates related to your clinic
  • Weekly updated blog posts to increase brand awareness
Source: Intrepy

The above stats clearly shows the power of local ranking factors! It is immensely important that you realize when it comes to marketing for doctors; only local digital marketing is going to help you scale your business online! That’s why we are emphasizing local SEO & directories, such as Google My Business.

3, Social Media Management For Doctors:

It is one of the most significant components of digital marketing services. Branding is a difficult and time taking process, but once you achieve it then nothing will stop you from selling your product. Social media management is the only way to make your brand popular online.
As a social media management company, we will create attractive posts and relevant content for your audience. Moreover, we will make sure that your social media accounts stay active and that the audience interacts with them frequently.
We’ll generate some unique content ideas that will compel local people to come and visit you!
For example:
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Creative images of your medical center
  • A behind-the-scenes video of your work as a doctor
  • Featuring your employees
  • Engaging with your audience to build trust!

4, Social Media Advertising:

While posting relevant and engaging content on social media is one of the key elements of digital marketing, advertising your product on social media is another crucial element.
Facebook, Instagram, and youtube ADS are effective ways of reaching your target audience.
Our experts always stay updated with the changes in the ADS algorithm of these platforms and never disappoint our clients!
As a social media handling company, we manage your ADS, build the most attractive creatives, generate leads, create custom and lookalike audiences, and generate the best return on investment (ROI)!
Digital Marekting For Doctors

Social Media Strategies Related To Digital Marketing For Doctors:

5,  Use the power of Pinterest:

It is one of the neglected platforms we have seen when it comes to digital marketing for doctors. We, as a digital marketing agency, believe that it can be used to do wonders for the medical business.

So, how will we use it?

People are always ready to see a reputable & clean medical center. That’s what will we do! Pinterest is a photo-sharing platform. We’ll upload the pictures of your medical center frequently, and as a result, people of the local area would have a clear image that how great & reputable this medical center is.

We’ll focus on the following strategies to boost your medical brand’s image:

  • Featuring the staff
  • Promoting your uniform’s design
  • Showcasing your pharmacy (if any)
  • Featuring your tidy room
  • Showcasing your efficient management

 6, Use Facebook & Instagram ADS For Doctors Marketing:

These two platforms are a gold mine when it comes to social media marketing for doctors. Of course, these platforms will be used to do all the stuff we did on Pinterest, but there is something even more valuable: We’ll add the testimonials of your previous patients!

This is a great way to increase brand awareness and build trust among your audience!

Moreover, these platforms are used by almost everyone. So, we’ll use the power of paid advertisements to deliver your message to the maximum number of people in your local area!

However, we would recommend investing more in Facebook ADS, because of the number of active users & its capability of scaling! After running Ads for several clients, we believe that the best ROI comes from Facebook ADS.

Paid advertisements are one of the best ways to boost marketing for your business. Many people believe that Facebook & Instagram Ads only work with physical products. It’s completely untrue! We’ve worked with many clients, and people with services businesses are doing great with FB Ads.

Marketing is fun, but the most daunting part is social media management. After all, you need to manage all the data to evaluate your results!

Source: Hubspot

The above stats are proof of our earlier statement “FB Ads have the best ROI”.

7, Enhance Digital Marketing For Doctors With Youtube:

As a medical digital marketing company, we believe that youtube has the most potential to boost your clinic’s revenue. You all know that youtube is one of the big platforms when it comes to video sharing. We believe that video is one of the most entertaining ways to spread your message.

So, how can youtube help with digital marketing for doctors?

People are looking madly for information related to diseases. medicine, treatment, home remedies, and all the other stuff related to health.

We’ll exactly work on that. Our team would research the topics and will hand them over to you. As a doctor, you would have exact information backed up with pieces of evidence.

Congratulations! We just created content for your first video on youtube!

You’ll keep teaching your audience about healthy lifestyles, and your experience will compel them to come and visit you for any treatment! This is one of the most effective strategies for online marketing for doctors.

Social Media Management Services



Let’s summarize the main points discussed in the blog.

Marketing for doctors is of immense importance because:

  1. There is a big market gap online
  2. Your skills/clinic is showcased to millions of internet user’s already
  3. Having a medical website increases your credibility in society
  4. You could quickly grab new patients; just by playing smart!
  5. After working on your medical website for 1-2 years, you could also enjoy revenue from ads!

Effective strategies discussed above for doctor’s marketing:

  • LOCAL SEO: We believe that this is the only effective technique for digital marketing on search engines. You can’t expect a patient from town A if your clinic is in town B. So, we’ll focus on local SEO. We’ll target only those keywords that are popular in your area. As a result, your website will get ranked easily, domain authority will increase, and potential patients will start contacting you!
  • GOOGLE MY BUSINESSIf you’ve a clinic, this strategy is for you! Google directory is one of the most effective ways for digital marketing. We’ll set the directory for you: showcase your skills, your staff, and your clinic, and frequently add some blog posts!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING/MANAGEMENTWe’ll create a Facebook & Instagram page for your clinic. Our team of experts will run that page by adding posts frequently related to health/fitness/diseases/treatment. This will create social engagement! Then, we’ll run Facebook ADS in your local area, which will grow your business by leaps & bounds!

Interested in digital marketing for doctors? 

Believe us, it’s completely possible and can do wonders for your business! Contact us right now, and let’s increase the revenue of your clinic together!

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