Here’s the thing.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become immensely popular in recent years. We’ve seen a significant rise in freelancers providing SEO content writing services.

But, do you know the fun part?

Guess what?

The majority of these freelancers don’t know how to write SEO-friendly content! Even funnier: They don’t know a thing about SEO!

The majority think they can quickly provide SEO content writing services if they have good writing skills. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth!

The primary purpose of this blog post is to provide you with a complete guide on how to become an SEO content writer! 

So, are you excited to learn some incredible facts? Let’s dive in! 

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What is SEO Content Writing? How is it different from other forms of writing?

If we talk about the other forms of content writing, for example, creative writing, essays, and journals. The one thing common in these articles is that you write them for yourself, for fun, and to depict your feelings!

However, regarding SEO content writing, the scenario is entirely the opposite! You don’t write for yourself! This is one of the basic foundations that you should be clear about! 

In SEO writing, you have to write according to the user. You have to be in the user’s shoes and try to explain as much as possible to clear all your targeted user’s doubts! 

Moreover, you don’t write a random article in SEO-optimised writing. There is a comprehensive process that you need to go through with before you actually start writing content! 

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The critical points that you should remember are the following:

In addition, you realize that when you write SEO-optimised content, it is meant to be indexed & ranked by search engines. So, that’s the critical difference as well!

Now that you have a basic idea of how SEO content writing differs from other essay forms let’s discuss the fundamentals of becoming an SEO content writer! 

How to become an SEO content writer? The 3 most important tips!

Although SEO writing consists of various elements, most are automatically covered when you start writing. However, three central components cannot be ignored if you want to become an SEO writer. 

So, are you excited to learn the main components that can lead you to a good SEO content writer?

Let’s get to it!

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1, Make sure your content is aligned with your targetted user’s search intent/ interest! 

As the best SEO company, we firmly believe that writing the content according to the requirements of your targeted audience can excel you in SEO writing!

This is just a short & main answer to how to become an SEO writer. 

But what does it even means?

Let’s get to it!

You might have heard the importance of keywords in SEO, right? All of these keywords have search intent behind them. 

In easy words, the keywords tell you what type of user would be searching these terms. Now, as an SEO writer, you must align your content according to the search intent of the keyword!

Let’s elaborate it further with one easy example.

Scenario 1: You’ve been tasked to write SEO-optimised content focusing on the keyword “Buy t-shirts online.”

Scenario 2: You’ve been tasked to write SEO-optimised content focusing on the keyword  “T-shirts online.”

Let’s first test you! If you already know how the content should be different in both cases, congrats, you already have the basic answer to how to become an SEO content writer. 

Do both keywords need to have 2000 word article to rank? What user is really looking for when he/she searches these terms? Should the content structure of both articles have to be the same? 

So if you really want to know how to become an SEO writer, you should have an excellent command of the keyword’s intent and be able to answer the basic questions immediately!

Let’s explain Scenario 1:

Firstly, you should analyze the search intent of both keywords. The first keyword has a commercial purpose, meaning the user is looking to purchase a t-shirt.

So, would it be SEO-optimized content if you’d written a 2000-word article and stuffed keywords in it? 

Absolutely NOT! First, it wouldn’t even rank on any search engine!

To write the SEO-optimized article correctly, your strategy should be to first build an SEO-friendly product page. There should be 200-300 words of natural content that explains the features of the t-shirts!

To rank this keyword, your article must be optimized with pictures & headings!

And you’re done! Yes! That’s also known as SEO-optimized content! It doesn’t;t necessarily means that you’ve to always write long articles to rank on search engines! 

Now let’s come to scenario 2:

The second keyword has an informational intent, which means that the user is looking for general information related to t-shirts online. 

To rank the webpage against this keyword, you must write an informational piece of content. The user is basically looking for general information about T-shirts. 

The user could be interested in reading about the stitching process, the various fabric, pricing, and the delivery system. 

As this is a broader term, you never know what the user wants. In these cases, providing as much information as possible is always advisable. 

That’s the primary skill you should accomplish if you really wanna know how to become an SEO content writer! 

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2, You must be a great researcher to be a good SEO content writer. 

Another central point that is a relevant answer to the famous question “How to become an SEO content writer” is practicing your research skills. 

If you really want to market yourself as a good SEO content writer, then you should focus on these primary skills explained in this article. 

So, what research skills should you master to be a professional SEO writer? 

Well, these skills are basic; just by practicing them 1-2 times, you’ll be able to master the keyword research skills.

As an SEO writer, remember that you are not required to write content on any random topic. Your aim is to rank a webpage against the specific keyword, right?

So, eventually, the keyword you want to rank becomes the topic of your content! 

You might wonder how you’ll know which keyword you should target. Well, don’t worry. This article aims to clarify your concepts to relate to the famous question “How to become an SEO content writer.” 

As a professional SEO company, we highly recommend using SEMRUSH for keyword research, We know that it is an expensive tool to buy, but we provide a cheap Semrush account!

Here are the keyword research strategies you should use for SEO content writing: 

We’ll find keywords topic-wise! Copy the first topic from the list & paste it into the keyword overview of Semrush. Click enter & you have the list of thousands of keywords related to that topic!

However, all these keywords are of no use if not validated accurately! As mentioned above, our SEO content services are comprehensive because we achieve incredible results for our clients! 

The most crucial task is to filter the keywords! Just remember two golden rules when it comes to SEO keyword research:

1, If you’re selling a product/service, search volumes don’t matter!

2, If you own a blog, go for more excellent search volume keywords!

Another important thing is the keyword difficulty. If your website’s domain authority is under 20, only target keywords with a maximum problem of 30! 

While keeping the above rules in mind, perform your keyword research of each topic & export it to a spreadsheet! 

So, to become an SEO content writer, you must go through this process!

3, You should have the capability to audit your competitor’s websites!

Now we’re headed towards the third step of how to become an SEO content writer. We believe this step gives you a glimpse of how you should write SEO-optimized content. 

So, how does this actually works?

The steps are straightforward, but implementing them can make a massive difference between the content’s quality and relevance. 

Let’s explain you by giving you a scenario. 

You’re now an expert SEO content writer. You just got a client who wants you to write content related to a crypto blog. 

What would be your first step? Any guesses?

You’ll definitely search the relevant terms on the search engines and examine the content of top websites. In the digital world, this process is known as website auditing. 

So, how does this help you to produce quality SEO content? 

Firstly, you should accept that as a professional content writer, you won’t have a wide range of knowledge of various topics. Practicing this technique helps you identify the tone of the article, its styles, and what type of content is actually working for a specific niche.

When these questions are answered, it becomes relatively easy to pursue your content writing service, and it’ll become easier for you to curate the quality of the piece of content eventually. 

Another benefit of this technique is it helps you find the keywords that your competitors are targeting. You basically steal those easy & valuable keywords, which ultimately helps the search engine rankings!

We hope this blog post helped you answer the most critical question, “How to become an SEO content writer.”  

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