Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very popular nowadays. But what really is the most critical factor of the ranking? There is no definite answer to this mysterious question, but one thing is for sure: SEO content can do wonders in your order! 

Let’s explain everything related to SEO Content Services. 

What really is SEO Content writing? How is it different from other content writing? 

We know that you might feel casually related to SEO content services, but it is not that simple. 

Here’s an interesting fact: you can be an excellent writer, but that necessarily doesn’t mean that you are also great at writing SEO-optimized articles. 

So, what is SEO content writing? Well, we would say that it is more technical writing.

When you’re specifically writing to improve the on-page SEO, then you really need to consider the following elements:

The above-mentioned elements are of immense importance when it comes to SEO content services. 

So, how SEO content writing is different from any other?

Mostly when we write, we write for ourselves or we write about our experiences (journals, creative writing, novels). But when it comes to SEO content writing, you have to write according to the user’s & search engine’s perspectives!

Confused? Just stick to the end to clear up your mind! 

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What SEO content services do we provide? Do you really need one?

Its IT Group is one of the leading digital marketing agencies, which is always finding various ways to boost business revenue with the power of digital marketing.

If you’re still reading this it means that you’ve realized that SEO content writing is different from the other ones. Let’s explain to you even further to give you a clear understanding! 

Whenever you plan to write an SEO-optimised article, you’ve to first go through 2-3 important steps before you dive in to showcase your writing skills!

Our SEO content services are straightforward & the most effective. We’ll walk you through our strategies for SEO content writing!

1 – Topic Research 

If you are thinking of writing SEO-optimized content then it is obvious that you own a website, right? 

It doesn’t matter what your website is about because there is always an online market gap. However, the most important thing is the various topics on which you want to write to improve the SEO of your website. 

So, if you hire us for SEO content services, our first & foremost task is to perform full fledge topic research. 

Let’s explain to you the right way of doing it! 

Firstly, you have to list down 5-6 competitors in your niche. Go over to their website and observe what are they writing about! This will not only provide you with a list of ideas, but your mind will extract even some new ideas that no one has written about!

We recommend that you should at least write down 25-30 topics before you go to the second most important step of SEO content writing. 

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2 – Keyword Research – the most essential task for SEO Content Services: 

We assume that you’ve listed down some great topics for content writing. Now is the time for the most essential step of SEO content services: keyword research.

We would highly encourage you to use Semrush for this task. We know that not everyone can afford to use it that’s why we are providing with cheap Semrush account! 

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

We’ll find keywords topic-wise! Copy the first topic from the list & paste it into the keyword overview of Semrush. Click enter & you have the list of thousands of keywords related to that topic!

However, these all keywords are of no use if not validated accurately! As mentioned above, our SEO content services are comprehensive because we achieve incredible results for our clients! 

The most crucial task is to filter the keywords! Just remember two golden rules when it comes to SEO keyword research:

1, If you’re selling a product/service, search volumes don’t matter!

2, If you own a blog, go for greater search volume keywords!

Another important thing is the keyword difficulty. If your website’s domain authority is under 20, then only target keywords with a maximum difficulty of 30! 

While keeping the above rules in mind, perform your keyword research of each topic & export it to a spreadsheet! 

Now it’s time to move to the third step of SEO content Services! 

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3 – Topic validation

Congratulations! You’re just a few steps away from writing SEO-optimised content! 

You realize that all those keywords you just found are not completely valid, right? So, let’s filter them out even further!

It’s time to apply the golden rules we mentioned above!

If you own a blog website & your goal is to only increase the traffic with SEO-optimised content, then follow these techniques:

Work only on those keywords that have great search volumes (more than 1.5k). But, don’t just validate them on the search volumes, you need to refer to keyword difficulty as well! 

Refer to our rule of validating the keyword difficulty to filter out the golden keywords for your website!

If you want to sell a product/service & your goal is to increase sales with SEO-optimised content, then follow these techniques:

We feel that you don’t need to worry about the search volumes! We follow the same technique when providing SEO content services because:

 You need to realize that you’re selling a service! So, just target the easy keywords in your area that can lead to some conversions!

Just imagine: If you’re a doctor and your clinic is in the united states, and you plan to target the long-tail keyword “best dentist in the united states”. 

The keyword only has a search volume of 10 but has ZERO difficulty. 

Firstly, it will get ranked in no time. 

Secondly, imagine your website ranking in the first position against this keyword; out of those 10 visitors, at least 1-2 will convert!! Like this, you can target multiple keywords that can increase your sales in no time!

We hope that by now you’d have a clear idea regarding the process of writing an SEO-optimised article & how we perform our SEO content services! 

Now it’s time to start writing SEO-optimised articles!

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Writing an SEO-optimised article using our SEO content services techniques: 

Now is the time to discuss the main task! 

We are sure that out of those 25-30 keywords, you’d have validated 5-10. If that is a yes then congratulations, you’ve completed 70% work that leads to writing an SEO-optimised article.

So, let’s discuss on-page SEO techniques that we personally use when providing SEO content services to boost the rankings of our clients by leaps & bounds. 

While writing an SEO-friendly article, you should keep these important things in mind:

On-page optimizations play an important role in your ranking. 

So, we would recommend following these rules (which we use in our SEO content services):

We hope that this guide would have cleared your concepts of SEO content writing services & the process it takes to write an optimized article!

If you feel like it really is a difficult task, then leave it to us! Its IT Group is a professional digital marketing agency. We’ve written more than 1000 articles for our clients & have never disappointed anyone! 

Book our SEO content service today to boost your website’s ranking at the top of search engines! 

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