Here’s a fun fact: we’ve witnessed most people not benefiting from the full potential of Linkedin for one reason: it’s a professional platform! How many users on LinkedIn use it to its full potential? Only 0.2%!

In this blog post, we’ll be explaining how to write a Linkedin article effectively. We guarantee that by just posting regularly on Linkedin, you’ll automatically observe the wonders it’ll be doing for you!

So, do you want to witness some effective results by just posting on LinkedIn? Stick to us till the end!

The core advantage of posting on Linkedin consistently: 

Firstly, from now on, please forget that LinkedIn is a professional platform. Replace professional with leadership. We’ve observed that most people hesitate to share their thoughts because they feel it’s a professional platform and only formal articles make sense on LinkedIn. That’s not true! 

One of the main advantages of Linkedin articles is that Google indexes them. You may not realize it not, but it’s a golden opportunity to boost your business’s revenue! Once you are entirely sure how to write a LinkedIn article, most of the work is already done! 

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Here’s how it is going to benefit:

As LinkedIn is a brand, it has a domain authority of 99! So, when you write an engaging and well research article, your Linkedin post have an excellent chance of getting ranked!

Let’s explain it with an example. Consider you run an IT services business. Now you’re making a tireless effort to rank your webpage against the keyword “Web Development Service.” The problem is that your website is relatively new, so that it won’t have a great domain authority score. 

How can a well-written LinkedIn article help you with the above situation? The answer is simple and if you’d write a researched essay on LinkedIn while targeting the same keyword, then we bet your LinkedIn post will be ranking within weeks on the first page of google. The only reason is the authority of LinkedIn as a website and the quality of your content. 

If your LinkedIn post is ranked on google, it will ultimately provide links to your websites, which will help acquire more clients and hence generate more revenue! 

How to write a LinkedIn article? The three most valuable tips that can do wonders!

1, Storytelling has no substitute when it comes to article writing:

Even though LinkedIn is a professional platform, remember to underestimate the power of Storytelling while writing a LinkedIn article! That’s the primary reason we advised replacing the word professional with leadership. 

Here are some advantages of Storytelling over the other form of LinkedIn articles: 

As you’re aware that your profile matters a lot on LinkedIn, your profession is valuable to your connections/followers, right? So, imagine what would impact your followers if you achieved something incredible professionally? Of course, it will inspire them, and your credibility will be automatically created. 

That’s why effectively communicating your success story through a LinkedIn article will significantly impact finding more clients or relevant work people!

Here are some practical tips on how to write a LinkedIn article while emphasizing on storytelling aspect:

We hope the above points have cleared your concept of writing a LinkedIn article. Now let’s move to the second strategy!

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2, Another critical aspect of how to write a LinkedIn article: Industry Insights!

Every LinkedIn article should be about something other than your achievement, success, new job, experience, or professional. The most popular LinkedIn article can be your opinion as well! It can be a deal breaker for your profile & as well as a door to endless working opportunities.

However, your opinion should be backed by relevant evidence; if you have authoritative & credible evidence: it can make your article viral immediately. 

Here’s how this writing technique works:

We’ll explain it through a scenario: Imagine you’re an SEO expert. You’ve been into SEO for the last ten years, have worked with many clients, and have generated incredible revenue figures. Despite these impressive results, how do you plan to show yourself as an industry expert in SEO? 

Here’s come an essential ingredient: Industry insights! People & your potential clients love to listen to/read unique news about the relevant industry. Imagine your LinkedIn article is fulfilling their requirement for industry insights; if that happens, do you know what that means? Your connections will start to think of you as an authoritative source of that specific industry, ultimately making them realize to hire you. BOOM: you just got the client! 

We know this all sounds like a fantasy life we all want to live. However, it requires a lot of hard work on your end. 

Here are some practical tips that will guide you on how to write a LinkedIn article related to Industry insights:

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3, Structuring techniques to must follow while writing a LinkedIn article: 

Of course, without structuring, your article is of no use. We know this is one of the essential aspects of any content writing, and maybe many of you already know how this works. However, we would still like to share some critical highlights that can make your LinkedIn article go viral! 

For those who need to learn precisely what content structuring means, it is simply how you have placed your content. It’s not about the quality but is more about human psychology. You need to mention the points accordingly in which you’re engaging the reader till the end of your article. 

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Here are some valuable points that might help you structure your LinkedIn article: 

We hope this relevant guide has answered your question regarding “how to write a LinkedIn article. We guarantee you that if you follow these techniques, it will show fruitful results. Moreover, if you need help writing a LinkedIn article, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a professional team of writers trained specifically for this purpose! They will figure out an effective solution! 

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