Writing is one of the most essential skills required in almost every field. Whether you are an SEO expert or a multi-national company marketer, you have to be a good content writer. 

It doesn’t matter how good your writing skills are, but at some point, we all are in doubt that is this sentence correct. Is the punctuation 100% accurate? Am I using the right vocabulary?

To clarify all of these doubts, Google introduced Grammarly, but due to its pricing, content writers couldn’t make the most out of it. 

But the wait is over…

Its IT Group is here to provide you with Grammarly Cheap Account! 

In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview of the features of Grammarly that can make your life easier as a content writer. We bet that after reading this blog, you’ll buy a cheap Grammarly account from us!

Let’s get started! 

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A brief guide on how to use a Grammarly account:

Firstly, you obviously have to sign in to your google account through Grammarly’s official website.

As soon as you’re signed up, then it’s all easy.

On whichever platform you’ll start writing. In the bottom right, you’ll see Grammarly’s logo.

To use it effectively, always click the logo & leave the explanation tab open. Like this, you will see constant updates on your errors! 

However, if you’re using the free version, then obviously the tool will be limited, but you can always buy a cheap Grammarly account from us to improve your writing skills! 

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Grammarly Cheap Account: benefits!

You might be thinking that is it worth it to buy Grammarly cheap account. Well, let’s first clear your doubts.

We know that the free version of Grammarly might be fulfilling all of your writing requirements. But guess what? It’s not!

There’s always a limitation to free versions of all the SEO tools.

In the starting, we also used the free version of Grammarly, but as we switched to a cheap Grammarly account; we noticed these changes:

So, if you think that the free version of Grammarly is working fine for you. THINK AGAIN!

Let’s make it easy for you: our Grammarly cheap account’s price is only 3.5$/month. Just try it for the month & you’ll understand the difference between the free & premium versions instantly! 

Main Difference between Free & Premium versions of Grammarly:

Let’s explain to you the major differences between the free & premium versions of Grammarly. It will make it easier for you to make the decision whether you want to buy a cheap Grammarly account or not!

The Free version includes the following features:

  1. Tone Detection Report (It just indicates but doesn’t automatically improve)
  2. Punctuation Checker
  3. Grammer checker
  4. Spell Checker

The premium version contains all the features in the free plan & as well as:

  1. Additional 400plus Grammer Checks
  2. Readability reports
  3. AI-Powered writing assistant 
  4. Plagiarism Checker
  5. Writing Style Report
  6. Citation Suggestions
  7. Advanced Collaboration Suggestions

We hope that the comparison would have cleared your doubts regarding buying a cheap Grammarly account!

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