Search Engine Optimisation is now more powerful than ever. As an internet marketing company, we feel glad that people are realizing the importance of SEO to improve their business’s revenue by leaps & bounds!

However, there are a lot of beginners & mediocre marketers who are practicing SEO that is not giving any effective results.

Does it sound like you?

Well, don’t worry, we’re pretty sure that your knowledge regarding SEO will be fine, but you might be making one huge mistake. 

Do you want to know what you might be doing wrong? Let’s get to it!

Most SEO experts & beginners rely on free SEO tools. YES! That is a mistake. We don’t say that free SEO tools are of no use, but they provide you with limited details that can get you a lot of time to see the actual results.

To solve this problem, Its IT Group is providing with buy cheap SEO tools service.

Today we’re going to discuss the cheap Semrush account: the top 3 ways in which this best cheap SEO tool can help you improve your website’s SEO. So, let’s get to it! 

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Effective uses of Cheap SEMRUSH Account to enhance your SEO:

1. Keyword Research Using Semrush:

After access to cheap SEMRUSH, you can perform keyword research in two different ways. 

Firstly let’s discuss the keyword research way, which we strongly recommend!

Our recommendation has always been to target the same keywords that your competitor’s site is ranking for! 

So, before you read any further; first go & find your top 5 competitors!

Is the list ready? Great! Let’s get to it then.

Head over to your cheap Semrush account.

Paste the URL of your competitor’s website in the domain overview.

Cheap Semrush Account

As soon as you get the results, immediately head over to organic research.

Cheap Semrush Account

Select the country you want to target, and BOOM you have the list of thousands of keywords that you can target to improve the SEO of your website!

Just apply filters correctly, and you’ll have some great keywords that can literally change your SEO campaign!

Cheap Semrush Account

This is one of the great benefits of the best cheap SEO tools provided by us. With the cheap Semrush tool, you can find millions of keywords anytime you want!

Now let’s talk about the second approach of keyword research. 

This approach is a bit boring & time taking, but completely effective!

SEMRUSH provides you with two options: 1) keyword overview 2)keyword magic tool

Keyword overview only lets you enter 1 keyword. Then, country-wise, you can check the search volumes & difficulty levels. Moreover, Semrush generates some relevant keywords as well! So, it is also a pretty great strategy for finding new keywords.

On the other hand, the keyword magic tool allows you to enter up to 100 different keywords. So, if you’ve done comprehensive research on the keywords of your niche, then this strategy is for you! However, it just only gives you the overview of only entered keywords and doesn’t generate any new ideas. 

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2. Website Auditing using Cheap Semrush Account:

Personally, we love this feature of Semrush. Just with one click, you literally get a complete audit of your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your cheap Semrush account right now. 

Let’s explain how website auditing works. 

Go to your Semrush account.

At the end of the left-hand side, you’ll see “site audit”. Click here.

Add a new project & enter your website’s URL.

Now this feature work in various ways. You can manually select the number of pages you want to audit.

Irrespective of the website’s size, we recommend going for 100 pages. As it is less time taking & if there are any errors, you can easily manage those. Once completed with these 100 pages, then go ahead with another 100. Like this, divide your work into weeks & within some months, you’ll make your website error-free.

3. Backlinks generation/checker using Semrush:

This feature can be a deal breaker for your website’s SEO! Just like any other paid tool, Semrush also provides a full report of backlinks.

So, what’s so great about the feature? 

Well, just like you stole some great keywords from your competitor’s website, you could do the same with backlinks as well!

However, bear in mind that it’s a very time-consuming process & could get frustrating as well because you can’t get access to all the backlinks of your competitor. So, it requires a lot of research in finding the right backlinks! 

The process is simple. First, log in to your cheap Semrush account.

Enter the URL of your competitor in the domain overview. Then, click on backlinks.

Now you will get a complete list of backlinks. As you know for SEO, only do-follow links matter. So, you should apply the filter of do-follow links only. 

Start stealing some high-quality backlinks from your competitor as well!

Similarly, if you’re generating backlinks for your own website. You can monitor them easily by using Semrush’s backlink tool in the same way as explained above! 

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