We assume you want to improve your SEO/internet marketing strategies, right?

First of all, congratulations! You have got an idea about the importance of SEO tools. Believe us, if you’re planning to improve your SEO, then it is impossible without any local SEO tool out there. 

Its IT Group is the only agency out there that is offering the services of cheap SEO tools. 

While learning or listening about SEO, you’d have probably heard the names of Moz, SEMRUSH, Ubersuggest, Keyword tool, and much more. These tools undoubtedly can make your SEO campaigns a piece of the cake.

However, when you go to their websites to buy them, your heart would have skipped a beat after looking at the prices, right? 

Don’t worry! This article covers everything you need to know before you buy cheap SEO tools from us!

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Why would you buy cheap SEO tools from us? 

If you think: “Google keyword planner is working fine for me” OR “Free version of SEMRUSH along with free UBERSUGGEST is doing wonders for me. THINK AGAIN! 

It really doesn’t matter if you own a new website or an authoritative one! Buying SEO tools are essential if you really want to see & examine the ranking of your website!

That’s the only reason we want to provide you with the best cheap SEO tools. 

Let’s first talk about why FREE SEO tools are not recommended when it comes to search engine optimization. 

You’d agree that each free tool comes with a limitation, and maybe you tend to ignore it, but here’s an interesting fact: Even tiny detail related to your website/keywords/backlinks can make a huge impact on your SEO! 

We can back this statement with evidence.

Let’s take Google keyword planner as an example. SEO beginners love this tool when it comes to keyword research, but believe us that it does not have as much effect as the cheap SEO tools we’re providing you with! 

The search volumes Google Adwords provide you with are just a range! Most of the time, those are not accurate.

Do you realize that only this factor can put you in doubt that should you invest your time & energy in the specific keyword only to know that it didn’t actually have those searches? 

Moreover, the tool doesn’t provide you with any competition & keyword difficulty! The two most significant factors that determine your ranking!

You might be thinking, “Hey! After evaluating keywords from Google’s free tool; we’ll check the difficulty & competition on the free version of Ubersuggest or SEMRUSH”. 

Yes, that’s a possibility! But SEMRUSH only provides you with 10 clicks & Ubersuggest offers you three attempts only within 24 hours.

When you’re running a comprehensive SEO campaign, you don’t need 10 or 3 free attempts, but you need a cheap SEO tool that can provide you with authentic data every minute! 

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Importance of using Premium SEO tools:

Cheap SEO tools provided by Its IT Group: 

If you’re an SEO beginner, just buckle up your seatbelt because you’re going to find tons of the best cheap SEO tools, which you never would have imagined existed!

However, we’ll only discuss some famous ones here, but if you’re interested in finding your desired tool, click on the following page: buy cheap SEO tools.

SEO tools for keyword research & website reporting:

Tools for On-page content writing:

Tools for creativity (On-page Optimisation) & entertainment:

Pricing of the cheap SEO tools:

It’s the most exciting part of this article! 

As mentioned, you would be shocked after seeing the pricing of your favorite tool, right? We bet that the same thing will happen here as well, but this time you’ll buy immediately!

So, let’s first give you an idea about the ORIGINAL PRICING of various SEO tools. 

If we talk about SEMRUSH & MOZ plan, their ORIGINAL PRICING is 120$ & 180$/month respectively! If we go into the section of content writing tools, Spin rewriter is charging 47$/month! 

After seeing OUR PRICES you’ll feel as if we’re providing you with these tools for free!

Are you ready?

So the cheap SEO tools provided by us cost…

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