No matter the size of your e-commerce business, your various products need a product description to lure potential customers to your websites!

But what are product description writing services?

Product description writing for e-commerce essentially defines a product’s features and multiple aspects from a sheer marketing perspective in a bulleted or paragraphed form. What differentiates product descriptions from other descriptions is the critical aspect of marketing. You need to write, remembering that you aim to incline customers. Simply copying a product’s details on your website saves time but does not cut the deal or ensure that your listing stands out in the SERP.

To improve the conversion of a website visitor to a regular customer, you need to get ahold of a reliable and efficient product description writing service. For this, Its IT Group has your back! 

Its IT Group’s Unique Strategies That’ll Show You The Importance Of Product Description Writing Services: 

1) Optimizing Your Google Merchant Center Profile By Product Description Writing For E-Commerce

Yet another platform to ease the lives of merchants and consumers is Google Merchant Center. It is a platform that gives merchants the discretion to have authority and complete control over how they want their product to appeal to the customer. This means you can supervise how the product is described!

Google merchant center plays an integral role and can significantly boost your product, but only if provided with accurate and captivating product descriptions that have been titled relevantly. Our product description writing services are focused on well-optimized descriptions that amplify the likelihood of your products being visible in the relevant search results. We do this by strategically leveraging the valuable aspects of Google merchant center and naturally incorporating meta titles and headings to give your business a successful and effective online selling experience. 

Resultantly, whenever a customer types in a certain keyword, the tool is keen to display your product first. Visibility is especially increased if the image is coupled with an enthralling product description, and we will ensure that through our product description writing service for you.

2) Highlighting Features And Benefits Of Your Product 

Fundamentally, a product description for e-commerce must offer a reader insight into the basic facts about the product. Nevertheless, there is always room for presenting this information creatively! Regarding e-commerce content writing services, product descriptions are always the main component! 

Our company’s product description writing services are well-mapped and thought out, focusing on the 5W’s- who, when, what, why, where but to not make them bland and to enhance the time a visitor spends on the website, we improvise! As digital shoppers cannot hold or touch a product before their purchase, we try to frame the product description writing for e-commerce so that they can imagine how the product would feel. Via sensory and descriptive word interplay, we aim to generate emotion and enthusiasm within a potential customer and keep them interested and their curiosity sparked.

3) Keyword Incorporation For Improved Product And Photo Ranking 

We do not provide product description writing services to our clients in isolation. Instead, on their behalf, we also take care of several SEO features to make sure the product and photo both attain a Google ranking. Therefore, when drafting product descriptions for e-commerce, one of our many goals is to incorporate pertaining keywords. We do not force keywords in our product descriptions; instead, we fit them naturally, avoiding adding too many keywords in the same description while attempting for the content to rank. 

For example, ranking for an individual keyword such as “hardware” is difficult due to the immense competition and the saturated market. However, a keyword like “hardware for HP laptops” is more convenient for ranking. Thus, with your primary keyword, we also consider any secondary, relevant keywords that may be of assistance for ranking and topical authority. 

4) Product Description Writing For E-Commerce In Alt Text For Better Photo Ranking 

Alt texts are descriptive and brief descriptions added to an HTML image and primarily a textual explanation of an image’s content. Its IT Group’s product description writing service employs the alt text strategy for a better photo ranking for all businesses. With alt texts backing your images, there is an increased possibility of accessibility to the users.

Let’s say you upload two pictures of a t-shirt, one with an alt text and the other without an alt text. If a user searches for an image through the keyword and the image is unable to load or the user has disabled browser images, then the result is futile. Contrarily, if the same unloaded image had alt text, the user would still get an idea of your uploaded photo through the optimized product description. 

Also, if alt texts have a keyword in it that the user is searching on the Google engine with, then the user is more likely to see your image than if it were unaccompanied by an alt text. Consequently, this leads to more visibility and a better photo ranking. 

5) Story Telling Is A Must When It Comes To Product Description Writing Services

Skilled writers offering product description writing services at our firm know how to fit an item appropriately and paint a picture in a consumer’s mind. We precisely do this by personalizing product descriptions via storytelling. The writers generate the content to make the reader feel like the person behind the description has used the product. Storytelling always works when it comes to content writing for online shopping websites

Product description writing for e-commerce is done for a user, so it must also be written with a tinge of personalization, which is always a consolation for an online shopper. Our product description writing service also handles meta title and description optimization to improve ranking again! For instance, the meta information will be placed in HTML codes and not directly, and the meta description will be written in the dedicated word limit, not exceeding as to remain in the SERP. 

6) Adopting The Right Tone Per The Target Audience 

The antecedent for product description writing for e-commerce is understanding the target audience. This is because your audience is a determining factor, deciding how the product description writing service should be writing the content. 

Hence, our writers use their versatile writing style to cater to your array of specific target or demographic audiences. To supplement website traffic and sales, we build the product description’s content structure and tone according to your audience, ensuring that it is ideal for their understanding and comprehensibility. 

Why Hire Its IT Group For Product Description Writing Services?

1) 1on1 Meeting With Company Writers

At its IT Group, our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction, and without affiliation with your company’s products, product description writing services will only be inadequate for you. Therefore, before we delve into curating product descriptions for your business, our writers have a 1on1 meeting with their assigned client. In these interactive meetings, the writer proposes a plan for product descriptions, whereas the clients explain their product to the writer, state their demands, and clarify their requirements. Such meetings help us understand the necessities that you need in the description and ensure that the two parties begin on a firm, mutual ground. 

2) Keyword Research Experts 

The responsibility of researching adequate, suitable keywords comes with product description writing services. Our writers are keyword research experts who know which words to target, particularly to enhance product writing. Not only this, but they are also proficient at skillfully and subtly including these keywords in the product description via alt text. 

Initially, the objective is to establish topical authority through low difficulty, low competition, and relevant keywords. However, once the objective is achieved for your product description writing for e-commerce, the writers will transition to other kinds, depending on the contemporary needs of your business. Besides being keyword research experts, our writers are familiar with the nooks and crannies of SEO and are always observant of implementing this knowledge in your product descriptions.

3) A Diverse Team Of Various Topic Experts

Knowing how to write adaptively, our writers are experts in various product niches. It does not matter what specific field your product belongs to. At Its IT Group, we have you covered in all dimensions. Whether it is health and wellness, travelers, beauty, technology, finance, art, or hair care- you name it, and we will serve you! Per your requirements, our product description writing service, composed of a diverse team of various topic experts, will be bringing you content generated up to your set standard.


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