If you have a small business, copywriting services for your small businesses are integral. Mind you, your small business does not seek any copywriting but wants the sort of writing that is curated meticulously, well-thought-out, and well-researched. Such is the writing that will bring your business into the spotlight, highlighting it in the niche that you operate in. 

At its IT Group, we offer copywriting services for small businesses aimed at crafting value-driven content that connects with the audience, moves, and compels them to take action. 

Why Choose Its IT Group For Copywriting Services For Small Businesses? 

Understandably, you have several options to choose from for copywriting services for small businesses, but why is it so that we so adamantly and confidently claim our services to be the best? 

This is because writers at Its IT Group have mastered the art of turning passive readers into paying and loyal customers only through offering copywriting services for small businesses!

Therefore, if you are looking for someone to rely on to position your small business’s product or service as the top expert in a saturated market, we have your back! You don’t have to worry about your business niche; we have a diverse team of writers, especially our healthcare content writing services, which are always in demand! 

Let Us Convince You How Our Content Writing Services Are Best For Small Businesses: 

Various Types Of Copywriting Services For Small Businesses

Out of the many copywriting services we offer for small businesses, some of the most commonly availed services are the following. However, this does not mean that we cannot do email or technical copywriting; indeed, we can because the proficiency of our skilled copywriters has no boundaries. 

1) Product Descriptions 

Typically, all kinds of copywriting are promotional. Nevertheless, copywriting done for product descriptions focuses on featuring and describing a product. Hence, determining the consumer market is the best way to approach copywriting for product descriptions. Are you aiming to sell to businesses or other consumers? 

Once we identify the consumer market, we narrow down our copywriting strategy, writing most desirably to appeal to your consumers. For example, if your product is for a regular consumer, we will shape the product description to solve their problems and clear doubts. The product description will directly speak to the consumer, telling them how suitably your product will fit their needs.

Product descriptions are extremely popular when it comes to e-commerce content-writing services!

2) Blog Writing 

A blog writer’s task is to primarily write blogs with the goal of the article securing a ranking. For this, we train our writers to understand the relevance of content optimization and keyword research and affiliate themselves with our distinct SEO strategy. For blog writing, the writer must know the importance of offering value to readers through their content. At Its IT Group, we teach our writers to suitably weave keywords into blog content, furthering reliability and credibility. The content should be captivating to a human and appeal to search engine algorithms, meeting the EEAT (experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) criteria to attain a ranking. 

3) Writing For Service/Sales Page 

A great product does not sell independently, but you must market it through service or sales page content. Our service content writers ensure prospects see valid and persuasive reasons to buy your service or product. Small businesses must embrace the essence of copywriting services for sales page content because it convinces potential customers to explore a product more. So, our writers use a conversion strategy- transforming a prospect into a buyer. They write in a client’s voice, address the buyer actively, and appeal to their minds, hearts, and wallets to clear out any suspicion a prospect may have regarding the product. 

When it comes to content writing for online shopping websites, the service or sales page content becomes crucial!

4) Specific Landing Page Writing Services

The only reason why small businesses’ landing page copywriting services are needed is to convince a visitor to not only interact with your website but also to take action. Such as signing up for your weekly newsletter, booking an appointment, purchasing from you, or anything else. 

With landing pages, your visitor should never land on a rather generic page. There should be a motive behind the landing page that a viewer views, which we will bring about through the content we generate for you. 

All landing pages we will make for you will have unique elements, including a CTA (call to action), captivating headings and subheadings, testimonials, and proof written to persuade the reader to look for more on your website.

5) Writing For Social Media 

Social media copywriting services for small businesses are demanding. Nonetheless, we will execute the task on your behalf effortlessly. Social media is not only confined to a platform but has multiple platforms, each with its distinguishing voice and atmosphere. So, our writers improvise! 

When writing for Instagram or Facebook, we keep the tone of the content humorous and informal because no one on these platforms wants to engage with bland, bulky paragraphs. However, when managing the LinkedIn of your business, we ought to depict the utmost level of professionalism; therefore, we keep the tone formal and inviting for social networking. Twitter, on the other hand, is a mix of humor, formal and informal, but stresses the importance of hashtags to gain visibility, for which we use more hashtags! 

Best Practices Followed By Our Professional Content Writers While Providing Copywriting Services For Small Businesses: 

1) Incorporating SEO Knowledge Within The Content: 

After undergoing detailed and exhaustive coaching, all the writers at Its IT Group have learned about the nitty-gritty that composes SEO knowledge.  

From knowing everything mentioned above and much more, our writers delve deeper into the individual depths of SEO to ensure every client is satisfied with their outcome. We consider every kind of backlink when optimizing content, and our skilled writers are proficient at reaching and constantly drafting persuasive and professional email pitches. Additionally, incorporating keywords naturally and using appropriate headings is another skill our writers have a knack for. 

If assigned to optimize and create websites for copywriting services for small businesses, our goal is always to design a user-friendly website. This website has a brief load time, attractive landing pages, and captivating and relevant calls to action. Also, we make sure that the website is not only connected to a reliable server but has a CDN as well.

2) Access To Premium Writing And Research Tools 

Even though the team we have nurtured at our company will write all the content for you, we still believe in the excellence and the convenient assistance that AI can provide. 

Therefore, we use tools like Yoast Premium and Semrush to help us bring you the best we can for copywriting services for small businesses. 

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that can be easily accessed and added to the content management system for websites to perform better in search engine rankings. By providing insightful pointers concerning the technical aspects of SEO, the tools help optimize content.

However, the services offered by Yoast Premium are more resourceful because it is a time-saver, give a gateway to specific tools to enhance an SEO article’s readability, make maintaining a site more manageable, and give recommendations to build an excellent structure for your site to aid functionality. 

Another tool we use is Semrush, which is for keyword research. This software makes conducting in-depth keyword research hassle-free by identifying the exact kind of keywords that we are looking for.

For example, if we target long tail, low-competition, and high-traffic keywords for your copywriting services for small businesses, Semrush proposes the most reliable ones. Keywords are also analyzed for ranking, whether they will boost the ranking or make it stagnant, and whether they are suitable per the website type or the topic’s niche. 

3) A Diverse Team Of Various Topic Experts

We do not have writers who confine their skills to a single field; they do not hold their creativity, but it is boundless. Our diverse team employs a hands-on approach to various topics and can switch their writing styles smoothly according to your requirements. They can write any content for you; it does not matter if you have a blog, website, or service page or want a product description- we will cater to you. 

All our writers inhabit a versatility that allows their writing style to suit various topics and industries, making them adaptable for your copywriting services for small businesses. 

Moreover, with writing, our writers keep in mind what would appeal to the reader and what Google would want. For your content to rank, it is essential to please Google algorithms and human readers; hence, we are updated with all published Google guidelines.

The spam update and Google helpful content updates are the latest updates that our writers are knowledgeable about. They avoid making all those mistakes of making the content seem spammy, copied, or scraped to prevent costing you Google penalties or classifying your SEO as black hat SEO.

4) Great Research Skills (Essential For Copywriting Services For Small Businesses) 

The excellent research skills of our content writers are the most utilized, first with keyword research and then with content compilation. Our SEO strategy always entails and advises clients to go with keywords with low competition, long-tail, and high-volume keywords. Working with such keywords in the initial stages of an SEO is beneficial, and we want you to reap all the advantages when purchasing copywriting services for small businesses from us. 

We also consider topical authority in keyword research and narrow our research down to picking out applicable and interconnected keywords of a broader topic. To bring about topical authority in your copywriting services for small businesses, we will discuss all its aspects when dealing with a subject so that Google can authorize your website to be reliable. 

Semantic research is what we focus on. This is research to decipher search intent and understand the “why” behind a person looking for information. When you know the search intent, we can base the content on that information. 

The backbone of our research skills has been to explore the competition in your niche. Actively tracking the competitor brings cognizance relating to operation in a field, and we keep a keen eye out for the competitor’s keyword choice and content strategy. 

5) Natural And Persuasive Writing Style 

Regardless of the copywriting services you demand for small businesses, having a natural and persuasive writing style is crucial. Fortunately, our writers do not lack it! They know when and how to indirectly integrate their persuasiveness into the content to communicate with the reader, convince them, and convey the information they want to share. 

Even when the aim is advertising, informational, or simply stating, writers at Its IT Group are interactive and persuasive to further engagement. Complex messages are delivered explicitly and clearly, and in the writing style, there is always flexibility. Even if you want us to be persuasive in one part of the blog while encouraging action in another, our writers will naturally switch to it and only through the interplay of words in the content. 


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