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Why Dental website is important and core features of Dental website
  • People on the Internet are searching for anything and everything and dentists are no exception.
  • Internet used by approximately 70% of population. And when people search for a Dental clinic, if you do not have your website you will make it very difficult for them to find and choose you.
  • People may find your email or phone number but they can’t read any information about your clinic through email. So it may help your opponents who have online presence.
  • If you have website it will enhance your Credibility as 70% of potential patients will find that you’re more credible as compared to other businesses that don’t own a website.
  • Most importantly your website works tirelessly. No lunch breaks or holidays. People can access your website 24/7 if they want to learn about you and your practice.
  • provide web solutions for dentists.


Who we are:

Prepared for a new website? Since 2000, “Its IT Group” has been the leading dental web development company for the dentist to build and manage their online presence. Pasban IT Group is all in one platform to build an innovative websites. We design and develop prize-winning websites for our clients with a concentration on usability, style and content to leave your customers with a long-lasting impression.

“For customer convenience we discuss online scope of business FREE of cost and we deliver ongoing aid and our team of Pasban IT group is accessible and happy to guide you on any technical questions or issues you might have.”

Services we provide:

  • Customize WordPress Website:
  • Php
  • Responsive Web Development:
  • Hosting, Support and Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content writing for your website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Logo Designing
  • Software Development


Core features of successful Dental Website which make your work easier and secure

1. HIPPA Compliance:

HIPAA compliance is a foremost concern for healthcare providers as well as dentists, it’s legally required. This is particularly essential if you will have online forms or online payment options. Keeping protected health information (PHI), any demographic information that can recognize a health care patient, secure is best practice.

2.Treatment and service pages

You know best about your services but forthcoming patients don’t. Therefore it’s better to make pages for your each services. In addition, having a properly optimized page for each service gives you an SEO advantage.

3.Location pages for Multi-location Practices:

You must have pages for each location you have. It make easier for your patients to locate you.

4.Procedure Explanation Videos:

Procedure explanation videos are best method to explain your procedures to patients. These are perfect to put individual treatment pages and can affluence the mind of someone who is unsure what a certain procedure requires.

5.Dentist Bios:

Biography of dentist leave good impact on patient .When patients read dentist bios and see who will going to examine their teeth or treat them, they’ll feel more at comfort trusting you with something as important as their oral health.

6.Online appointment method:

Patients want to book appointments online. Both prospective and existing expect it. Your website works 24/7 and adding an online scheduling feature permits you to book appointments around the clock.

7.New patient forms:

Online new patient forms are another convenience feature. Preferably, a new patient will be able to fill out and submit the forms online.


Pictures influence patients. Having before and after photo galleries on your website shows the effects of your treatment and permits people to imagine themselves getting those same results.

9.Online review:

Maximum people belief on online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from someone they know personally, making it easy to find your reviews can be a bonus to your practice.

10. Call tracking:

Call tracking let you to see accurately from where incoming calls to your practice are coming. This supports you to understand the ROI of your marketing promotions so you can do more of what works.

11. Social media icons:

By adding social media icons to your website makes it easy for patients to find and follow you on their preferred platform.

Why chose us

  • Best developers

Our team has substantial dental website development experience and verified expertise to build modern, pixel perfect websites to assist give you a professional image and exploit your online reflectivity.

  • Experienced Team

Pasban IT group is working in IT field since 2000, and our team has experience of 10 to 20 years in web designing.

  • The best quality at nominal price

We provide good quality work at affordable price. You will definitely satisfied by our economic package.


Article By (Rubab Ijaz)

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