Almost all buying decisions begin with a mere online search. This means that whether you are a service-oriented or product-oriented business, customers will attempt to find you through their searches. But what if you are not apparent in these searches? Then, your business is practically inconceivable. 

The route to being discovered by customers is through SEO keywords – words or phrases that bring customers to you. 

Let’s say a person is looking to purchase car engine spare parts. You might have a website, but the web surfacer will never reach you if the website does not feature those search phrases that individuals use to make their Google searches. 

Keywords help minimize the apparent gap between you and your target audience, and that is precisely how we can assist you- by providing you with reliable and thorough SEO keyword research services. 

Importance Of The Right SEO Keyword Research Service

Any entity can perform keyword research for you. Keyword research is not difficult, but it is imperative and challenging to perform the right keyword research that is beneficial in its results. The “right kind of keyword research” essentially entails finding those words that will appeal to the audience and appear in search engines while also being appropriate and pertinent to your business’s operation. 

Using a set of suitable keywords for your business’s website can go a long way in terms of:

Focused SEO Keyword Research Service 

What we do at its IT Group differently for our clientele is offer them focused yet thorough keyword research services. When conducting our keyword research services, we narrow our focus to shortlist words and phrases that align with your company’s goal. 

Varying keywords imply the user’s differing search intents. For example, an informational keyword intends to educate the user about a good or service while also, in turn, commercializing the company. 

So, suppose your business goal is brand recognition and to certify your company as a reliable organization. In that case, our primary aim will be to target informational keywords that will subtly convey your firm’s credibility to the individual. 


We understand how budget often is a hurdle for people looking for a keyword research service. But with us, this will be the least of your concerns as we have devised plans to fit every client’s budget. The budget does not matter, but the proper strategy matters the most. 

All you have to do is propose a budget to us, and the rest is something we will take care of. A small-scale budget does not necessarily imply a compromise on the quality of the SEO keyword research services you will receive. We will minimize the quantity, but the quality will remain uncompromised. 


Keywords are not created equally, meaning every single keyword comes with its distinct:

Out of the vast array of keyword choices, we meticulously choose those sets of keywords that are relevant to your industry but, at the same, fruitful in terms of the results they reap.

Keyword research is fundamental to the SEO strategy that can make or break your ranking. Thus, we only go after those words that would make your website apparent to potential customers. 

Competitor Audit 

The initial step that forms the basis of our keyword research services strategy is to audit the competition. In today’s day and age, competition is increasing regularly, and the key to a successful business is to keep track of what the competition is doing. 

For this reason, before delving into our SEO keyword research services, we will analyze the competition’s website to set them as a benchmark and eventually surpass their ranking. This constant on-edge with the competition will catalyze and help us pick up the pace to play catch up with them. 

Short Tail Vs. Long Tail Keywords 

As the terms imply, short-tail keywords are one or two words a user uses to search for more generic results. However, if a user wants to seek more specific results, they resort to using long-tail keywords that specify what they are looking for. 

The decision to use short or long-tail keywords is solely made according to the demands of your business and the goals you have set to achieve.

Benefits of Short tail Keyword Research Service 

Short-tail keywords are easier to rank, but what has to be considered with these keywords is the higher competition that accompanies them. Nonetheless, short-tail keywords are promising at generating more traffic but do not promise more customers. Remember, the diverted traffic to your website is generally a broader audience. 

Another advantage of short tail keywords is that they can increase your brand’s online visibility, as even with a generic search, if the website has attained a ranking, it will appear up front for users. 

Benefits of Long Tail SEO Keyword Research Service 

On the other hand, long-tail keywords are less competitive and easy to rank. They are widely known to provide an individual with more valuable content and precise results. Long-tail keywords are to be used when targeting a particular audience, as these are key phrases that highlight and identify a user’s interests.

If you sell a designated clothing item, long-tail keywords will direct the traffic toward your desired website. For example, suppose your brand specializes in manufacturing polo shirts. In that case, long keywords like “best polo shirts local brand” or “buy high-quality polo shirts in Islamabad” will bring you an interested audience.

People are often concerned that long-tail keywords do not generate much traffic. Nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that they generate traffic, but that traffic is very relevant as we directly address the user’s intent in these keywords. Also, consistently publishing long-tail keywords can bring more visitors to your website than short-tail keywords can in the short run. 

Our Step-By-Step SEO Keyword Research Services Process

The keyword research process is the solid bedrock upon which we build the basis of our customers achieving optimal SEO results. Our keyword research strategy has been tried and tested, generating massive results for our clients.

1) Initial 1on1 Consultation Meeting 

Even before beginning with offering your keyword research services, we set up an initial 1-on-1 consultation meeting with our customers. We want to hear from you! We want to know your vision for your business, and then we want to progress and build on the keyword strategy we have in mind for you. 

You understand your business better than we do, and your insider perspective can significantly guide our approach with SEO keyword research services. 

2) Comparative Competitor Analysis

Once we are on board with your vision, we will perform the comparative competitor analysis using tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to gauge the competitors’ activity. Premium access to these tools provides valuable results by highlighting keywords that the competitor is targetting and that have added to their success. 

3) Our Unique Way Of Assessing Keyword Difficulty That Works (Essential for SEO keyword research services)

One aspect of choosing the right keywords is the appropriate level of keyword difficulty. If the keyword is too difficult, the website won’t rank. Alternatively, if the keyword has a low difficulty ranking, there will be a lot of competition, leading to the website not ranking again. Therefore, we take the intermediate position here and choose keywords with a nominable and workable difficulty level to help your website progress. 

At the core of SEO keyword research services and finding the difficulty level for certain keywords, we have set a dedicated keyword difficulty metric between 20-30%. Any keyword, at least at the beginning of our thorough keyword research services, if it exceeds the difficulty level, will be disregarded for use. 

This is because we want the website to rank sustainably, and it cannot happen until we set the bases using low-difficulty and competition keywords.

This organic method we formulated on our own has produced favorable results. Sometimes, tools are inaccurate, and when you entrust us with your keyword research services, we do not want to rely on tools that may produce detrimental results. 

With our manual keyword difficulty assessment, we can better shortlist keywords that will aid us in ranking, defeating competition, and preventing us from investing time and energy in worthless keywords. 

4) Understanding Search Intent 

Understanding customers and their intent is integral in thorough SEO keyword research services. This is because if the visitor does not find content that directly appeals to their intent, the reason for them visiting your website will adversely impact the engagement rate.

Hence, we choose keywords with specific search intent that will pinpoint a visitor to your business’s site and toward what they are looking for, resulting in benefits for you and the customer. 

The three search intents that we typically target are:

  1. Informational search intent: when searchers are looking to find information
  2. Navigational search intent: when the searcher wants to see a specific page or site 
  3. Commercial search intent: when the searchers want to learn more or investigate about a product, brand, or service

5) Aligning Keywords With Business Goals 

Now that you know the importance of search intents, the responsibility to align a customer’s purpose with your business goal is critical. We want to shape your website according to the objective your business is looking to achieve. 

Let’s say your business’s current objective is brand marketing. Then, the central focus will be on informational search intent keywords. We will elaborate on these blog keywords to educate the user about your business.

Consequentially, when the user knows you are aware of your operations, they will perceive you as a credible and reliable brand.

Hence, not only will your brand be marketed, but it will also be advocated for optimistically, bringing you the additional advantage of the visitors purchasing from you in the future. 

Our SEO agency is a mastermind at crafting and providing actionable SEO keyword research services to execute your SEO plan skillfully. Whatever your business’s industry may be, our writers have what it takes to achieve even your most competitive goals. So whenever there is a problem, Its IT Group is your one-stop solution!