Are you ready to expand your business? Invest in an SEO company in Calgary, Canada! SEO is the 21st-century bandwagon you are late to jump on, but it is never too late.

SEO is more than mere digital marketing; it is more promising because it will lead your small or large-scale business toward achieving monumental online visibility, organic traffic, and impressive Google rankings to reach your business goals. 

Our company has a proven track record of offering SEO services in Calgary and assisting locally-based businesses in climbing the Google ranking ladder for their most lucrative and relevant industry-based keywords. So, if you are searching for SEO services in Calgary- its IT Group is your one-stop solution!

Why Hire Us As An SEO Company In Calgary, Canada?

The marketing world has undergone a massive transformation. If you are still relying on billboards and TV ads as your traditional avenues for revenue, you are only acting to your business’s detriment. 

Any individual looking to avail a service or product resides in online shopping, and the search engine is their only resort. Considering that your business lacks an online presence, it only signifies that your competitors will benefit from it while you will lose out on sales. 

Therefore, an SEO company in Calgary, Canada, should handle your local business digitally. As an SEO company based in your region, we understand consumer patterns. We are strategic with drafting SEO strategies for SEO services in Calgary that are pertinent and guaranteed to work. 

Based in Calgary and with SEO knowledge, we believe in sustainable SEO practices. We have SEO experts who leverage their experience and Calgary-specific expertise so your business can be the only one in the industry dominating the search engine.

Although your company’s website may take some time to rank through sustainable SEO services in Calgary, the acquired ranking will remain, continuously diverting new and more traffic to your website.

Importance Of SEO Services Calgary:

As an SEO Company In Calgary; We’ve designed a Go-to SEO Strategy That Works: 

1) 3-Step On-Page SEO Strategy:  

For our SEO services Calgary on-page optimization, we have formulated a rough outline strategy that applies to all businesses regardless of their industry. Nevertheless, there is always room for customization at Its IT Group, so after consulting with you and knowing your demands, we will tailor this strategy to be bespoke and fitting for your business. 

Our focus is primarily on Calgary, a specific region, so the keyword research will also be on this locality. Therefore, we will narrow down the keyword research to the focal point of attention: SEO services in Calgary. 

However, before we begin searching for the most apt keywords that would be easy to rank, we must gauge the competition. We want to know what kind of keywords the competition is employing, whether they are short tail or long tail keywords, low difficulty or high difficulty.

This competitor audit provides a navigational path for our keyword research as we know the specific keywords we want to work with under SEO Services Calgary. Likewise, the kind of keywords we choose- long tail or short tail- has a lot to do with the sort of audience your business is targeting. Such as if the audience is generic or very specific. 

For example, suppose you are a chiropractor and want SEO services in Calgary to attract residents. In that case, you are targeting a specific audience- we will use long tail keywords. These keywords not only aid the business in ranking conveniently because of their low difficulty and competition but also reach out to a niche audience by including multiple words. Keywords like “best chiropractor in Calgary,” “chiropractor in Calgary near me,” and “affordable chiropractor in Calgary” will be the keywords we will use.

Alternatively, if your business has a broader audience, such as manufacturing and selling shirts, short-tail keywords such as “shirts” or “blue shirts” will do. With such a business, we want to gain as much website traffic as possible. Though ranking with short-tail keywords is challenging, optimization and regular content publishing can assist in overcoming this hurdle.

Next, when we are done with vetting keywords for their difficulty/ competition, DA score, and ranking through tools and our manual method, we progress to composing a distinct content strategy for every business. Your input is imperative to compose a comprehensive content strategy for SEO services in Calgary. We want to know what your business is about, what your expectations are from us as an SEO company in Calgary, Canada, and what sort of audience you want to target.

Once we have understood your side of the story, it will be easier for us to develop your industry-specific content strategy. Not every industry requires the same kind of detail in content to convince the audience of the company’s credibility, and discerning within industry types is fundamental to our SEO services in Calgary. 

Therefore, keeping in mind all your demands, our writers, with your consensus, will begin cautiously and intricately crafting a content strategy unique to your business and its demands. Again, even with the content strategy, the focus will be on ranking within Calgary, for which the content must appeal to the local audience. Our adaptive writers will draft the content to bring traffic to your website, increase the engagement rate, and convert these website visitors into potential clients. 

Optimizing content satisfies a reader’s search intent and implies that Google algorithms should accept the content, not object to or penalize it. The company writers are meticulous with content production that precisely aids readers’ readability and satisfies Google’s EEAT standard: experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 

Likewise, we aim to further your website’s ranking in Calgary’s SEO services on Google by establishing topical authority. For this, we need to be cognizant and cover every minute aspect of your broader topic, so Google knows that you know what you are doing and are an expert in the field you are featuring on your website.

Covering both bases of Google algorithms and topical authority, your website will be considered credible, reliable, and trustworthy, and it will also be easier for your website to rank in Calgary and amongst the local competition. 

2) Off-Page Optimization – Our Complete Strategy As An SEO Company In Calgary: 

Backlink Acquisition

As an SEO company in Calgary, Canada, it is our responsibility to cover every dimension of SEO so that, at the end of the day, it results in a ranking for your business’s website. 

One way to do this is through acquiring backlinks, which are essentially referral links you gain from other websites that act as an endorsement for your business, highlighting its credibility and reliability and implying to consumers that you can be trusted. Acquiring backlinks is beneficial for ranking, but when your website is featured on another top-ranked, well-recognized website, it also constitutes brand awareness. 

However, for SEO services in Calgary, we want to provide relevant backlinks from high-quality websites. This means that we only want to target those websites to give us a backlink that is functioning in the same industry as yours and based in Calgary. Therefore, our market experts expend their energy only shortlisting high-quality websites with a “.ca” domain name, as it certifies that the website is based in Canada. 

Let’s say you have a restaurant in Canada and want to gain backlinks for your website. In this case, we will be aiming to get backlinks from blogs or magazines that are:

Consequently, backlinks from these websites will enhance your restaurant’s local awareness and will only send local consumers your way. Additionally, setting your restaurant’s website on its journey to being ranked. 

Another aspect of importance is quality, not quantity. Unlike other SEO companies in Calgary, Canada, we want to obtain high-quality backlinks, those with a high DA score, and pass some authority to our website. On the contrary, we do not want to acquire backlinks from multiple, low DA, no authority backlinks. 

Broken Link Opportunities 

Broken link building is a tactic that uses all those broken web pages that are not functional anymore and display a 404 error. Often, competitors unknowingly use such pages as links; long after using them, the link starts showing an error. 

Either way, we will be taking advantage of broken links, and the idea here is to send visitors not to a dead resource but to a performing webpage. Our strategy for SEO services in Calgary includes first identifying all the pages with a broken backlink by searching for the keyword or sifting through the competitor’s website. 

Then, further vetting the link for its quality, attempting to replicate the content’s link with our relevant hotel information, and, finally, doing outreach. Here, we will engage with potential webpages, convincing them to give our website a backlink. 

Guest Posting (The Most Common Way When It Comes To Off-Page SEO Services In Calgary)

Guest posting is another strategic marketing methodology that involves drafting articles for other websites in exchange for valuable backlinks and promoting your website. This methodology will work best with websites that agree to provide us with high-quality nofollow or dofollow backlinks.

Although nofollow does not add value to articles or impact ranking, it is still helpful for SEO marketing.

Social Bookmarking 

Social bookmarking is an off-page SEO technique that effectively and efficiently promotes content and amplifies a website’s traffic. This technique helps bring together a community interested in sharing or exchanging relevant backlinks to aid search engine rankings. 

Using social bookmarking in local SEO services in Calgary makes finding relevant content easier. All the information is curated and shared in one place, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to obtain backlinks. 

3) Optimising Local SEO In Calgary 

Google My Business (GMB) optimization

A way to attract new and more customers in your locality through SEO services in Calgary is by optimizing your Google My Business Profile (GMB). GMB is a free tool that permits every business to take charge of how their business is represented and appears on Google Search and Maps. 

Through the help of GMB, you can:

As an SEO company in Calgary, Canada, we plan to create, enhance, and regularly update your GMB profile. We will optimize your GMB along the lines of NAP, making your practice’s name, office’s physical address, and in-use phone number apparent on every web page listing your automotive services. 

Following is what we will list in your search engine optimization of GMB:

Hours Of Operation 

The time you will be available to deal with clients, any special hours on weekends, days of the week that your business remains closed, holidays, and special offers. 

Physical Address 

The location of your business’s outlet and your contact information. Physical addresses will be linked with Google Maps so people can easily navigate to your door. 

Business Services 

GMB has an option that allows businesses to provide brief details about their services, such as further details on their field of specialization. 

Local Directories Listing 

For further awareness of your business through SEO services Calgary we will use local directories in our regional strategy. Every industry has several relevant local directory listing websites that can list your business to gain more traction and be more evident to varying audiences. Local directories are like a phone book; they are websites people visit when they need a solution. 

Local directory listing is an effective marketing technique when concentrating only on a particular region in Calgary. So, let’s say an individual needs a workshop near Brentwood to purchase spare parts for their automobile. If they visit the online local directory we have listed you on- you get a potential new client! 

Our goal for your SEO services in Calgary will be to have your business listed on as many local directories as we can because the more directories that you are on, the higher the chance of: 

4) Last But Not The Least – Technical SEO: 

Web Designing 

The initial step with the website is to carefully and mindfully design it with a responsive yet simplistic design. According to the nature of your business and the audience it is aiming to target, we will create the website to appeal to the visitors so that it resonates with them. 

Speed Optimization

Speed optimization is a crucial aspect that decides the fate of a website and its engagement with traffic. Visitors will not bother navigating and exploring your website if it does not load quickly.

Therefore, our digital team will take care of speed optimization by eliminating any hurdles that stand in the way, such as clearing the cache, reducing image size, and removing any unnecessary social sharing buttons, broken links, and analytic tags.

Great Server Hosting 

A website server is where files and copies of your website will be stored so they can be instantly made available to visitors as soon as they visit the site. For your SEO services in Calgary, we will find you an affordable server with the domain name incorporating “.ca.”

This server hosting will be a CDN (content delivery network) server, implying that multiple servers will be hosting your website simultaneously, so regardless of where the user is located, the website speed for them remains uncompromised.

UX/UI Design 

Your website page does not necessarily guarantee that your business will generate sales. If the website page’s design is not up to the visitor’s intent, then it will not be compelling them to take action or further explore the website. 

Thus, for CRO (conversion rate optimization), integrating UX UI design per the requirements of the search intent is required. That is, our website designer team will custom-make the page per the purpose of the keywords or the content, such as informational, navigational, or transactional.