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A Professional SEO Company Pasban IT Group with expert and well trained qualified SEO Team under the supervision of Mr. Saad Ahmed our SEO coordinator from New York.

A Professional SEO technical team which not only take care of your business sites but also prioritized your goal for getting generic traffic by ranked your web business keywords over Google.

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Our services (SEO) equally effective either for the small business as well as huge set ups. We have true Seo professionals who have complete knowledge and experienced in ranking a site from keywords analysis/ Pictures & video optimizations/ Content writing to product descriptions & Top of all how to beat your competition over the major search engines with effective SEO techniques & strategies.


Hi! I Mr. Saad Ahmed coordinator of SEO in Pasban IT Group welcome you to our site. I am working for this firm in USA from last 8 years. As I am an experienced person, I personally considered myself a very capable in promoting your local and small business in USA. I offer you both On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques with proper keyword optimization. I am a degree holder in BS Computer Science from Rochester University New York and also a person having 8 years experience with best SEO expert team in USA.

Strategy for On Page SEO

As SEO is the first step to raise your website and business. For people who are looking for SEO services for all kind of businesses.

This is the best place you are looking for! A place to hold on your clients! A place to never let them go from your site

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Website Analysis

The first and foremost task of every SEO service provider is obviously analysis of your website with your competitors in Digital Market.

The Analysis every website needs! Isn’t it?

  • As our coordinator is working in USA. So, our major focus will be on our clients in USA who needs help for On Page SEO. We have a highly qualified and expert team for website analysis and for affordable SEO services in USA.
  • We provide you a facility to know important data like competitors high quality backlinks source and anchor text they have been used to create backlinks. A SEO company in USA which provides the Local SEO services and Highly Ranked services to somehow match with top SEO companies in USA.

Keyword Identification

Just like the content of your site needs to look amazing on all devices, your keywords also needs to be something that people want to search on Google, and you need to make it brain-dead simple and different for them to remember and search it.

  • Pasban IT Group not only makes an analysis of your website with competitors but also nourishes you with a facility of keyword identification.
  • It’s the second and indeed an important step to search for your keyword best competitors in Market. We will first collect significant data like organic keywords, keywords position over search results, best performing Keywords, Search volume, competition, and which pages/posts got rank for that search term.

Keywords are indeed the strength of content! Without Keyword no content exists

  • For that our top SEO experts in USA check out the frequency of the top ranked keyword in last few months for a speed optimization of site.
  • By implementing these highly ranked keywords to your site, SEO experts use these in several places keywords to optimize page like on homepage to onward, in page titles, in Meta description, and in product description.

Development of Content

If your content is not mobile friendly, you will lose the SEO game. You may create incredible content and do everything else right. Use a simple, clean design for your website content.

Content is the First Impression of your site! Am I Right? Indeed an index of your work

  • Image Optimization: First and foremost feature in content development is image. As Image optimization is a smart investment of your time, as it has the potential to improve your page speed tremendously. We will make sure that the image represents what the post is all about and interesting enough to get readers to click through.
  • Therefore our on-page SEO experts strategically incorporate keywords into alt text, especially text surrounding images along with proper title and description.

They’re gone, If you can’t catch their attention right away!

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  • Products Editing: As speedy recovery like speed optimization of site requires editing or upgrading of your site products. Pasban IT Group insures you that we will upgrade your products and remove unnecessarily products timely.
  • So, that your website quickly ranked on Google indexing and for that if we need redesigning of your site we must do that.

Off Page SEO Strategy

Off Page SEO required same importance as On Page SEO. It is also a very popular SEO technique to index your website in Google Ranking.

 Link Building

  • For a higher ranking, you must need to invest in link building; your website will get the needed authority. Moreover, it’ll also attract more customers and clients to click on the link, which will lead them to your site. And which results in more backlinks you have, the more valuable your website. Get links from high-quality websites is also very important.

In Digital Marketing, Links and more links, also Links needs Links!

  • We will make your links by using white hat SEO technique which includes Offering quality content and services, Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness, using descriptive, keyword-rich Meta tags, making your site easy to navigate.
  • Paid Guest Posting: Another technique for getting a backlink to your website is paid guest posting. A perfect way for both websites to mutually benefit from the process. Moreover, offering guest posts to websites with minimal traffic and low ranking is worthless.
  • Our best expert in USA will make sure that sites which we contact for our guest posting must have a Domain Authority (DA) of less than 30. Moreover, those websites have Keywords more than 10K.
  • Backlinks from other websites with high domain authority to your website improves your rankings more than nearly any other ranking factor. We will make sure to contact a neat and clean site with more traffic.

So, don’t waste your time and rank your site! Feel free to contact us.

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