Struggling with brand recognition and getting new clients? Have you considered local SEO for hotels yet? Out of the many reasons, there are three prominent probable reasons why you are not getting more customers at your hotel, and this is because:

  1. Your marketing strategy is flawed
  2. You are targeting an expansive segment of the audience
  3. You are lacking digital local SEO for hotels marketing 

The list of what you are doing wrong is endless. However, instead of going on about it, we want to educate you about how Its IT Group’s local SEO services for hotels can be a game changer for your business! 

Why Avail Local SEO Services For Hotels?

With the significantly enhancing competition in the hotel market, standing out amongst all can be challenging, mainly when you center your marketing strategy around a wider audience instead of catering to the needs of a niche. 

Local SEO Services for hotels are the 21st century’s most renowned digital marketing method and, in fact, one of the most effective and successful ones. Local search engine optimization for hotels has made it far more convenient to reach out to users precisely when your target audience is focused and narrowed.

Without local SEO services for hotels, you still rely on the old-school, dated method of word of mouth with the least prioritization of your company’s website. Modern-day problems require modern solutions! 

So, if you are struggling to make your hotel known, an excellent place to begin is to avail local SEO services for hotels and rev up your hospitality website. 

Importance OF Local SEO For Hotels

1) On-Page SEO Starategy For Hotels: 

Starting With The Keyword Research That Actually Works!

Keyword research is, so far, the most integral part of content development in local SEO for hotels. Without the accurate keywords to produce content upon, the entire purpose of your availing local SEO Services for hotels lapses. Therefore, we have trained our writers at our company to indulge in detailed and in-depth keyword research.

Our Plan For Local SEO For Hotels 

Our plan for your local search engine optimization for hotels regarding keyword research is to be precise in the research conducted. Individuals doing research with the help of Semrush, a software designed to assist with keyword research, will only shortlist those long-tail words that advocate for the intent of your local consumers. 

Long-tail keywords are ideal for the initial stages of building a website ranking as they have low competition, and when published routinely, they can be the sole reason for deriving traffic to your website. 

All the long-tail keywords we will work with to generate content for your local SEO for the hotel’s website will address the various kinds of content your potential customers can have. 

  1. Transactional search intent is when a visitor is searching to make a purchase. In your case, a visitor will be coming to your website to make a booking and to give them a reason for booking at your hotel. We will tackle their attention with catchy keywords like “steal deals at our hotel,” “affordable rooms at our hotel,” and “best room to stay at.”
  2. Information search intent is when a visitor surfaces the website to gain information. Narrowing down to local SEO for hotels, your website visitors would want to know why they should stay at your hotel. Therefore, we will use keywords like “6 reasons why stay at our hotel” and “why our hotel has a 5-star ranking.”
  3. Navigational search intent is when the user is ready to engage in action and wants an immediate solution. With local search engine optimization for hotels, your user searches Google with keywords like “hotel near me” and “last-minute hotel booking.” 

Conclusively, when we are working with such long-tail keywords, targeting all three typical kinds of intent, your hospitality website’s incoming organic traffic will surge. This is because we are bringing about users from all the facets that fall within local SEO for hotels.

Content Strategy 

The content strategy is the next step that we take after keyword research. The writers will use all those keywords made through the rigorous elimination process to the final step for content generation. Our primary strategy is bespoke and drafted according to what fits the dynamic hotel industry best. 

Two essentials will go into your content strategy- regular publishing and curating content, which is precise and entirely building up on the visitor’s intent. Writers dedicated to drafting content for your local hotel SEO will ensure their tone is underlined with persuasion to address the transactional and navigational search intent.

With these two intents, all a visitor requires is a slight push, which will be given through the content that will be produced. As for informational intent, the helpful blogs featured on the website for your local SEO For hotels will be informative. But again, even these informative blogs will not go without a tinge of subtle persuasion. 

Additionally, when we post pictures on your company’s website highlighting your hotel rooms and lobbies, there will be a brief description of each room that will be featured. Our versatile writers, apt at switching their tone and writing style to meet clients’ demands, will generate these descriptions.

2) Local SEO Optimisation For Hotels (Vital Strategy) 

Its IT Group has trained its writers well enough to know that when writing and optimizing content, they need to consider what a reader would like to read and what would appeal the most to Google algorithms. Therefore, we will optimize the content of your hotel’s website to meet the EEAT standard guidelines: experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Once Google thinks of you as reliable and someone they can trust, you will soon be on your way to ranking on page 1, which would further testify to a web surf of your reliance. Likewise, when working with content generation for local SEO for hotels, we need not abide by the surface level of the content. The writers will cover every potential topic in the hospitality industry’s niche so that they can establish topical authority.

Developing topical authority on your website is another strategy to acquire a Google Page 1 ranking. When trusting us with local SEO services for hotels, we assure you that our writers are competent enough to boost your website’s ranking to page 1.

Optimizing Google My Business Profile 

A way to attract new and more clients is through the optimization of Google My Business Profile (GMB). GMB is a free tool that permits every business to take charge of how their business is represented and appears on Google Search and Maps. Through the help of GMB, you can post updates, connect with customers, list your services, promote special offers, feature blog articles and events, and answer frequently asked questions.

Especially for local hotel SEO, you must create, enhance, and regularly update your GMB profile to keep the customers posted. We optimize GMB for hotels, ensuring NAP and making your service’s name, physical address, and in-use phone number apparent on every web page listing your hotel. The NAP is also posted and kept consistent with every web page’s footer as a part of the structure. 

Following is what we will list in your local search engine optimization for the hotel’s GMB profile: 

Hours Of Operation 

The time reception is operative, with special holiday discounts, hours for bookings at discounted rates, and seasonal offers.  

Physical Address 

The location of your hotel and its contact information. Physical addresses will be linked with Google Maps so customers can easily navigate to the hotel. 

Hotel Services 

GMB has an option that allows businesses to provide brief details about their services, such as services that might set them apart from others. A lengthy list of attributes may contribute to your business, such as a swimming pool, gym, free Wi-Fi, whether your hotel is pet friendly or not, if there is a spa, etc.

Simply listing these services in the GBM profile can provide a quick overview to the potential customers of what they may expect while staying at your hotel. To further add distinctiveness, if there are any special certificates that your hotel holds, such as for being eco-friendly, customer-friendly, or for its cleanliness, we can post them as well. 

Moreover, any pictures we add to the GBM will not only be optimized and backed up by your website’s URL but will also be of high quality—for example, pictures of all your listed services to act as backup evidence. 

Local Directories Listing 

We will get your hotel listed on local directories to ensure your local SEO for hotels gets the reach you anticipate. Though some directories may charge for their service, it is worth investing in.

Before traveling or booking a hotel, people prefer getting a second opinion from such local directories to see if the hotel is worth staying in. If a directory like Trip Advisor favors your hotel as a must-stay with an outstanding review, it can result in more bookings and more revenue for your business. 

3) Focusing on the Technical SEO For Hotels (You Don’t Want To Miss): 

An SEO-friendly Hospitality Website

Web Designing

With web designing, our main focus is to meticulously craft a website compatible with your local SEO for hotels, primarily based on a responsive and simplistic web design. Per your demographic area and considering your local audience, we will skillfully tailor the website so it is attractive and according to your demands. 

Additionally, to add an element of persuasion to convince a visitor to book at your hotel, we will incorporate social proof such as reviews and relevant real-time high-quality images. 

Speed Optimization 

An integral aspect of website creation is speed optimization. Suppose the website does not load promptly, regardless of optimized content or meta tags. In that case, it will not engage a reader, get organic traffic, or result in your local SEO for the hotel’s website to secure a Google Page 1 ranking. 

Therefore, we will optimize the website’s speed by eliminating any hurdles that stand in its way. Our marketing experts will remove all broken links, reduce image size, and clear cache and unnecessary analytic tags or social sharing buttons. 

Mobile Optimization

Once the local search engine optimization for the hotel website is up and running, the next step entails ensuring a mobile-friendly design. Not every user will access your company’s website through their laptop; therefore, the design should be mobile-friendly and optimized to maximize the incoming organic traffic and avoid losing potential visitors. 

Also, with a fully mobile-optimized website, the customer can instantly book a room and pay for it simultaneously without inconvenience. 

Great Server Hosting

As you require local SEO services for hotels, we will also find you a great server hosting per your region, which will be local. Such as, instead of “.com,” we will proceed with “.pk,”. “.USA,” “.UK,” and “.UAE”.A server is where files and copies of the website are stored to be later made readily available to a website visitor. A hosting server is an integral aspect of technical SEO, but you need not worry because we will handle it well. 

It does not matter where your hotel is located. Our marketing experts are vigilant and efficient at finding hosting servers that will fit your budget and benefit your business’s customers. Thus providing a hassle-free website navigation experience to your customers. 

Additionally, to further enhance website load speed, we will ensure that the server we end up linking your website with has a CDN (content delivery network). The importance of a CDN in local SEO for hotels is that it will not always your customers belong to your region, and in the scenario where they are making an early booking from a far-off region – the website load speed and its overall experience will remain the same, and uncompromised for them as for your local visitors. 

Attractive Landing Pages

A landing page is a primary page where visitors would land after accessing your website from an external source such as Google, YouTube, email, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else. It is a standalone page in your local SEO hotel’s website that will narrow the user’s focus to only your hospitality service. 

We assure you that your website’s landing page will be such that not only will it be transparent in the motive but also specifically highlight your hotel, emphasizing it and compelling a visitor towards consideration. 

Your site’s landing page aims to attract incoming newcomer visitors to explore your services further or to sign up for your business’s newsletter or email. You can have this precise objective customized according to your preference. 

Additional Services Section 

If your hotel services are operating and offering more than vacancies, why keep the potential client or the visitor in the dark about it? In this scenario, a specific portion of your website design must make these services more apparent and captivating for purchase. 

There is no better way to achieve this than clear Calls to Action (CTA). With CTAs on your website, you can assist the visitor in further action through shortcuts. After analyzing your services and formulating effective marketing techniques, we will mindfully incorporate your facilities in the CTA’s. Let’s say your hotel has a gift shop or a utility store. Then, we will provide the customer with the option of buying through eCommerce. 

CTA’s not only add value to the website experience but are also a way to encourage the user to take immediate action indirectly. 

Other CTA’s that we can include for your local SEO for hotels are:

The end goal to be achieved here will remain the same- getting more bookings. Nevertheless, the provided routes to this goal will be alternate to induce immediate action on the website visitor’s part. 

Reiterating, the CTAs we have proposed for local search engine optimization for hotels are only a rough outline. Remember, there is always room for personalization and modification at Its IT Group.

4) Last But Not The Least – Effective Backlinking Strategy For Hotels: 

Last but not least, in local SEO for hotels, your website must rank for which backlinks are needed. Backlinks are links from another website that serve as referrals, endorsing your website as credible and trustworthy, leading to a higher ranking in search results. 

Thus, it is important for SEO marketing that a website gains high-quality backlinks. Considering backlinks, we focus on quality and not quantity. Multiple backlinks from low Domain Authority websites will have futile results. On the contrary, a single backlink from a relevant, high-quality website with an increased DA can yield rather fruitful results, attracting hundreds of visitors to local SEO for hotel websites. 

Linking building, though, is one of the most challenging aspects of best SEO for hotels, but with our dedicated team’s mastermind plan, we have it all sorted out for you. Primarily, at its IT Group, we use three ways to acquire backlinks for local SEO for hotels. 

Broken link building is a tactic that uses all those broken web pages that are not functional anymore and display a 404 error. Often, competitors unknowingly use such pages as links; long after using them, the link starts showing an error. 

Either way, we will be taking advantage of broken links, and the idea here is to send visitors not to a dead resource but to a performing webpage. Our strategy includes first identifying all the pages with a broken backlink by searching for the keyword or sifting through the competitor’s website. 

Then, further vetting the link for its quality, attempting to replicate the content’s link with our relevant hotel information, and, finally, doing outreach. Here, we will engage with potential webpages, convincing them to give our hotel a backlink. 

Guest posting is another strategic marketing methodology that involves drafting articles for other websites in exchange for valuable backlinks and promoting your website. This methodology will work best with websites that agree to provide us with high-quality nofollow or dofollow backlinks for local SEO for hotels.

Although nofollow does not add value to articles or impact ranking, it is still useful for SEO marketing.

Social bookmarking is an off-page SEO technique that effectively and efficiently promotes content and amplifies a website’s traffic. This technique helps bring together a community interested in sharing or exchanging relevant backlinks to aid search engine rankings. 

Using social bookmarking in local SEO for hotels makes finding relevant content easier. All the information is curated and shared in one place, eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to obtain backlinks. 

Acquiring Specific Location Backlinks For Local SEO For Hotels

As everything in our SEO plan is concentrated around the “local” in local SEO for hotels, so will the acquisition of backlinks. Commonly, with backlinks, we acquire authoritative backlinks from all around the globe. However, for your local search engine optimization for hotels, we will taper the strategy down to recruiting local yet authoritative backlinks that pass on some authority. 

One thing that we will continuously keep in mind is the relevance of the backlinks. Relevancy here is the key. Since your website’s server is local, the websites we will extract backlinks from will also be local and have the same server name as yours. For instance, if your server is “.UK,” the backlinks website will also be. “UK” to ensure that your hotel chain’s endorsement is kept within the same demographic region. We only want backlinks for your local SEO for hotels from other hotels or affiliated businesses to hotels, maybe your vendors, collaborators, trip advisors, local magazines, and newspapers. 

Such backlinks will not only be affordable but will also further emphasize your business as a prominent and reliable hotel in the local realm, making it more prominent and reliable from the viewpoint of potential customers. If your hotel is collaborating with another company, we will also work on convincing your partnering business to advertise your hotel through backlinking. 


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