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Having own hotel website can lead your hotel business towards success. It can be one of your marketing strategies, how your hotel can be diverse than your rivals and how to stay competitive in the market. 

These days, people severely depend on the use of internet to find the information. They desire for immediate and complete information. 

These are reasons why you have to contact with the best hotel website design builder for your own website…

  1. Instant Source of information for customers
  2. Main communication channel
  3. Direct booking and sale
  4. To serve group traveler easily
  5. Stay competitive

Do you want to get clients directly and not to pay a fee to mediators?

Hotel website development, build with booking modules. hotel booking website Development Company, offers professional development, taking into account all your wishes.

Who we are???

Prepared for a new website? Since 2000, “Its IT Group” has been the leading hotel web development company for the hotel industry assisting companies build and manage their online presence. Pasban IT Group is all in one platform to build an innovative websites. We offer best hotel website design and development for our clients with a concentration on usability, style and content to leave your customers with a long-lasting impression.


“For customer convenience we discuss online scope of business FREE of cost and we deliver ongoing aid and our team of Pasban IT group is accessible and happy to guide you on any technical questions or issues you might have.”

7 Essential Hotel Website Features:

  1. Stunning Visual content:

Photographs do the selling for some of the most successful hotels and resorts.  Your website must have plenty real estate for photos, videos, virtual tours, and anything else that will show what your hotel has to offer from a visual outlook.

  1. Mobile compatibility:

Mobile friendly website is needed as you don’t miss out potential clients who mostly use their cell phones for searching purpose.

  1. Great photography:

High-quality pictures are an important part of any hotel website design. It’s obvious that clients want to know what it is they’re paying for.

  1. Compare and contrast rates and rooms:

In these days when technology is common this compare and contrast feature is important. Your visitors should have the capability to select diverse rooms, and compare features, rates, and facilities.

  1. Guest Reviews :

Guest review has deep impact on new visitors. Before they book with you, clients will want to know more about the experiences that previous guests have had at your resort.

  1. Social Media:

Social media is essential hotel website features.  It is a great way for your guests to connect with you online. Important social media platforms for hotels and resorts are Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.

  1. Online Booking:

You must make definite that potential guests have a simple, user-friendly way to book a room online.  Make sure that your hotel website features this functionality prominently.  

Why chose us

Our team has substantial hotel website development experience and verified expertise to build modern, pixel perfect hotel management website design to assist give you a professional image and exploit your online reflectivity.

Pasban IT group is working in IT field since 2000, and our team has experience of 10 to 20 years in web designing.

We provide good quality work at affordable price. You will definitely satisfied by our economic package.


Article by (Rubab Ijaz)

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