Email marketing for healthcare is the 21st century’s latest, most popular, and undoubtedly the most effective marketing strategy. Since its introduction, all doctors have embraced healthcare email marketing quickly and are regularly turning potential leads into new clients. So, if you still have not adopted this strategy in the current advancement day, you are surely missing out on tremendous opportunities and acting to your detriment. 

Raise the revenues of your business and gain continuous new clients only by outsourcing your email marketing for doctors to Its IT Group. 

Are you intrigued to learn more about what we can do for you? Read the following blog post! 

Why Choose Email Marketing For Doctors?

There are many options for you to market your medicinal expertise, but why is it that we so adamantly only advocate for choosing email marketing for doctors?

Healthcare email marketing is one of the most efficient ways for doctors to build audiences and strategically leverage the audience, convert them into potential new clients, and grow their practice. Emails are a quick and easily regulated mode of communication that allows you to communicate better with patients and enhance the patient-practitioner experience. 

What is a small business without good customer service? A failure! To develop a loyal customer base, the onus of incentivizing consumers to return to the small business falls on the business itself. These businesses offer incentives such as customer service, where they register complaints and quickly sort customer problems.

Likewise, it is integral for your medical practice as well to keep in contact. It would be best if you reminded the patients that you are there continuously and aware of their needs, and for this, no better way than email marketing for healthcare exists. In email marketing for doctors, you can trust the communication mode’s automation, cost-effectiveness, and reminder ability to keep your current patients engaged and foster some new ones. 

5 Reasons To Consider Healthcare Email Marketing:

We are not asking you to jump on the bandwagon of healthcare email marketing. Still, we are attempting to convince you to at least consider the marketing methodology that has proved fruitful for so many of your competitors in the field. 


  1. Email marketing for doctors is swift at reaching people where they are. With this marketing, you not only confine your expertise to your clients who already show interest in your services. However, those who are unaware of email marketing can now become aware. The technique can especially be beneficial if you email that segmented group of the broader audience already seeking their healthcare options. 
  2. Healthcare email marketing is informative. By sending newsletters and other updates, or reminders per se, to your decided mailing list, you can inform your clients about what’s happening in the healthcare world. Additionally, our skilled writers will draft emails to be captivating, persuading people why you are the best option for them.
  3. Emails are flexible and scalable. As emails aim to reach an audience with timely and relevant updates to their interests, you can mindfully categorize your mailing list. We can scale emails up or down per the reach you demand from a healthcare email marketing campaign. 
  4. For your services business to be remembered, marketing via email is crucial. You must adhere to email marketing for doctors to ensure that you are well-recognized and that brand awareness is maintained and amplified. 
  5. Another prominent reason you must consider email marketing for your business is because it is the most cost-effective technique. Simultaneously, the message you are trying to send is delivered rapidly. 


Best Practices Of Healthcare Email Marketing Adopted By its IT Group

Employing healthcare email marketing best practices can ensure that you are a patient’s go-to option whenever they need professional medical help. Email marketing for doctors guarantees this by initiating a dialogue through emails to build long-term relationships with patients and stay on their minds.

Although emailing is a valuable marketing strategy, it can backfire if not executed properly. Successful healthcare marketing does not happen accidentally; various steps are involved in curating the perfect, highly personalized campaign. The best practices of healthcare email marketing adopted by its IT group are the following. 

1) Using Professional Templates:

We begin with the immediate and essential step of drafting a professional template. Agreeably, emails are conversational, but the conversation is not casual; hence, the templates sent out in emails must be experienced.

Necessarily, using professional templates in email marketing for doctors does not mean that they will be colorless, have no information, and would be unappealing. Instead, what we aspire to achieve with professional templates is an outcome of captivation and engagement. 

Thus, our template for you will be a synonym for your devotion to your practice but demonstrated pictorially. 

2) Testing Various Email Copies:

Next is to test various email copies for which we will implement constructive email marketing for the doctor’s strategy- Split testing. The plan is to devise two distinct outlines of a singular email and then send those two copies to different email sample groups to approximate which copy gets the most response. Then, the email with the highest response rate will be used as the primary draft as it ensures to engage readers and is more likely to be opened by them.  

Different kinds of patients are attracted to different types of emails and unaware of the most captivating healthcare email marketing; we cannot proceed. Thus, we comply with split testing. 

The stated email marketing for healthcare idea is only a glimpse of what you can obtain from us; rest assured, there is no boundary to the creativity we nurture at our company. 

3) Testing The Subject Line:

We have a template design and an email copy for your email marketing for doctors. But how will you address the reader? It will be happening through personalization! 

Personalization is a proven tactic in the world of healthcare email marketing. Calling out the subscriber by addressing them by their name instead of “dear customer” enhances the likelihood of engagement from the reader’s end. Additionally, it shows commitment by the doctor’s side as they have taken the time to learn about their patient and have sent an email by themselves instead of auto-generating it. 

4) Extracting And Cleaning The Patient’s Email List Frequently 

We do not want the invested efforts in healthcare email marketing best practices to be futile, and a way to ensure this is through frequently cleaning the email list. A routine detox of the email list from inactive subscribers, unsubscribes, and bounced emails is essential. 

Bounced emails are those that did not go through at all or were sent to the wrong email address, and opting out of these and replacing them with accurate addresses is needed. We will conduct this analysis by exploring all those emails that have not been in use for over a year and will remove inactive users who are unlikely to bring your email marketing for doctors any new leads or generate revenue for you. 

5) Incorporating A Clear CTA 

The primary goal of email marketing for health care is engagement and revenue, so our strategy should align with your set goals. For instance, if you want more engagement on your service’s online website or more clients visiting your facility, you will invite them to do so by incorporating a clear Call To Action (CTA) in the email campaign. 

Every sent-out email will have a CTA, which could be:

What we do differently for healthcare email marketing best practices at Its IT group is that instead of including a CTA in the footer, we add it to the header. After the message, a CTA is the first thing a reader would see; for someone interested, it would ideally seize their attention. 

Our Two-Way Strategy For Email Marketing For Doctors

The rough outline for our two-way strategy applicable to all kinds of email marketing for doctors entails updating current patients and targeting new and potential patients. While focusing on current patients, we do not want you to miss out on future leads; hence, we target both market segments.

Its IT Group firmly believes in customization, so though the basic structure of the strategy may remain the same for your healthcare email marketing, we will alter the intricacies to meet your needs.  

1) Updating Current Patients

We will segment the sent-out emails into promotional and informational categories with current patients. 

Promotional Emails :

Promotional emails, as indicated by the term, are a way to promote the practice by sending out newsletters, showcasing new services and products, and offering deals, discounts, and coupons on services. Such emails are considered one of the healthcare email marketing best practices and are valuable for a medicinal practice to gain popularity. 

For example, you never know one of your patients might have been waiting on your 15% discount coupon from their orthopedic surgeon to proceed with their hip replacement. 

However, promotional emails receive the most scrutiny from patients, often do not even make it to their inbox, and are recognized as spam content. Therefore, we will employ a strategy of drafting these emails in a manner where they bypass the spam filter.

Writers of its IT group will write emails avoiding spam words or phrases like “best price” and “100% free.” Additionally, to build an authentic email base, we will create a list and orderly cleanse it instead of working with a scraped list to avoid lower engagement. Similarly, a compatible HTML design and practice will be used. 

After all, the goal here is to avoid spam recognition and not to annoy the patients, for which the emails will be sent sparingly, limited to only a few times a month. 

Informational Emails:

Informational emails are crucial for email marketing for healthcare if you want organic traffic driven to your practice’s website and for your patients to keep up with the systematic growth in your methodologies. You must keep the patients informed and updated to enhance engagement on blogs, YouTube videos, benefits of your introduced new practices, or simply your newsletter. 

Educational emails are an excellent methodology to keep the patient base updated routinely. But again, not all patients might find this information relevant, so that we will send more emails on an ad hoc basis. The emails will usually contain educational information yet also advocate for your practice and how it differs from others in the market. For instance, what makes you stand out as a dentist could be an email elaborating on your expertise or the kind of unique, most modern machines you use for treatment. 

Also, informational emails complement offline communication strategies as you can announce or unravel new policies, locations, and procedures through their utilization. 

2) Targeting New And Potential Patients 

After addressing engagement with current clients, the next goal would be to conduct cold outreach and target new and potential patients in healthcare email marketing. 

Cold outreach in email marketing for doctors is a way to contact people with whom the doctor has no prior relationship through email. The intention here would be to convince or appeal to people so at least they would consider the medicinal services you offer. This strategy is ideal for achieving success with email marketing for healthcare as we are now looking at a massive pool of potential contacts. 

At Its Group, we avoid using email lists generated with AI tools. Even though these lists have hundreds and thousands of emails for cold outreach, we cannot gauge the effectiveness of our healthcare email marketing. Therefore, we devise our email lists. 

Health Forums

Health forums are a goldmine for understanding and extracting interested clients in email marketing for doctors. These are the forums where people with an issue reside in anticipation of help. According to your practice, we will first identify a health forum. 

For example, if you are a dentist, we will narrow down on credible and reliable dentist-related health forums. Then, we will observe and list the recurrent patterns or the problems people face. The next step will be to engage with these users, inquire about their issues, and then analyze their feedback to see whether your expertise would assist them. 

Once we establish trust with the community, we will reach, advocate, and vouch for your medicinal competence, inviting these potential leads to transform into new patients.

Comments On Health Posts

We will take a similar approach to comments on health posts in email marketing for doctors as in health forums. We will aim to engage, analyze, and, most importantly, gain these users’ trust. Through this and continuously recommending your practice, we will entice a potential pool of patients to notice you at the least, taking you one step approximately closer to getting new clients. 

Google Directory

Our last two approaches for health care email marketing have targeted patients for you in the old-school, manual manner without any AI intervention or already available email lists on the internet. This is because we want your patients to trust you even before they reach you, and that could only be if they are first convinced and knowledgeable of your medical proficiency.

However, this approach is different, and to get data on potential patients, we will use Google Directory. Google Directory is a valuable resource for gathering data as it has information about various healthcare categories and subcategories. 

Our data collection procedure will not be confined to a specific dentistry category or your field. We will delve deeper into the subcategories and dig out as much patient information as possible. For each subcategory, we will simplify the data into spreadsheets so we can promptly reach out to all potential leads without missing out on any.

As the Google Directory will provide information about the patient’s complaints with their current practitioner, we will analyze them into trends and then send out the most fitting emails. If an individual has complained about their practitioner’s unhygienic method, an email about their hygienic methods and new machinery will be sent to that person. 


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