SEO For Automotive Industry: 2024 Strategy That Works!

seo for automotive industry

There is no value for you to invest heavily in your automotive company’s website unless you are committing to practicing good and fruitful SEO for automotive industry practices. Search engine optimization for the automotive industry goes beyond merely embarking on an online presence and entails more than you think. Want to learn more about establishing […]

Social Media Marketing For Doctors: 2024 Strategy That Works!

social media marketing for doctors

Are you still relying on and manifesting patients through referrals? It’s time to wake up and level up to social media marketing for doctors!  Even when referred to a doctor, your potential patient is keen to check the doctor’s social media for personal consolation, but what if you don’t have an online presence? Understandably, marketing […]

Email Marketing For Doctors: Healthcare Email Marketing Guide!

email marketing for doctors

Email marketing for healthcare is the 21st century’s latest, most popular, and undoubtedly the most effective marketing strategy. Since its introduction, all doctors have embraced healthcare email marketing quickly and are regularly turning potential leads into new clients. So, if you still have not adopted this strategy in the current advancement day, you are surely […]

SEO For Doctors And Medical Practices: A Complete Guide!

SEO For Doctors And Medical Practices

It’s a universal truth: attaining a Doctor’s degree is challenging. However, what’s even more difficult as a fresh graduate is gaining new patients. At Its IT Group, by adopting a smart path, you can achieve the same level of success compared to an experienced doctor in much less time!  Picture this: While you’re studying in the […]

How to write a LinkedIn article? Top 3 tips for excellent content!

How to write a LinkedIn article

Here’s a fun fact: we’ve witnessed most people not benefiting from the full potential of Linkedin for one reason: it’s a professional platform! How many users on LinkedIn use it to its full potential? Only 0.2%! In this blog post, we’ll be explaining how to write a Linkedin article effectively. We guarantee that by just posting […]

E-commerce Content Writing Services: Top 3 Tips!

E-commerce content writing services

If you’ve landed on this page, we believe you’re a keen learner.  Here’s the fact: SEO content writing is not easy as it seems to be. If you really want to be a professional SEO writer, then the primary key is to understand that content structure & style varies with the niches.  This blog post […]

Content Writing For Online Shopping Websites: Top 3 Tips!

Content Writing For Online Shopping Websites

Content writing has now become more powerful than ever. It has the power to ultimately boost your business’s revenue! If you have landed on this page, we assume you own an online shopping website, right? Do you want to increase your online store sales by following a simple strategy? We’ve got you covered; you can […]

How To Become SEO Content Writer?

how to become seo content writer

Here’s the thing. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become immensely popular in recent years. We’ve seen a significant rise in freelancers providing SEO content writing services. But, do you know the fun part? Guess what? The majority of these freelancers don’t know how to write SEO-friendly content! Even funnier: They don’t know a thing about […]

Facebook ADS For Doctors: Essentials You Should Must Know!

Facebook ADS for doctors

Thinking of ways to expand your clinic’s revenue? Think no more. Digital marketing for doctors is here to save the day. One of the components of digital marketing is social media advertising. When it comes to social media, how can we forget Facebook? To help you increase your clinic’s revenue, let’s discuss some strategies related […]

SEO For Pharmacy: How to implement in the right way?

SEO for Pharmacy

It is a dream of every doctor to own a pharmacy along with their medical practice business, right? It just adds up to the revenue & is always a profitable medical business. However, it requires a lot of investment: you have to buy/rent a property, invest in the stock of medicines, and hire labor.  But […]