Lately, have you been planning to avail of content writing services but hesitated due to the high service charges? You may need not worry anymore because Its IT Group offers affordable content writing services customized and tailor-made only to suit your budget!

At our company, affordable article writing services have never been synonymous with low-quality content, nor will they ever be. Instead, we have packed all the affordable content writing services bundles with our two fundamental representatives: excellence and cost-effectiveness, all for you! 

Importance Of Affordable Content Writing Services

When trying to fit the “affordable” into affordable article writing services, our initiative has never been to cut down costs through generating low-quality content but to enhance the efficiency of our team of writers. 

Affordable article writing services are those unique services that cannot be replicated, automated, or duplicated. For every business we are working for, we are drafting unique content per their suitability and what would be the best for their business to attain visibility on Google’s page 1. 

We have nurtured and trained writers at our company to research well, work fast, thoroughly draft, and articulate content so that they can fully comprehend your business’s needs for affordable content writing services. We produce all the blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, service pages, and social media content from scratch. Therefore, to ensure authenticity and relevancy, our utmost priority with affordable article writing services is to ensure genuity, credibility, and reliability through the content we meticulously curate for our clients. 

Cheap Vs. Affordable Content Writing Services

When considering affordable content writing services, your doubts about content quality are valid. Rest assured, at Its IT Group, the goal is always to fully satisfy the customer, for which we guarantee our services to be affordable, but for the content to not be generic and of an inferior quality. 

What is classified as cheap and what could be categorized as affordable is distinguished by a fine line. Nevertheless, our practices make sure that our writers abide by the intricacies and are inclined towards affordable article writing services. 

People often unconsciously regard anything associated with the term “cheap” as unworthy, even when the situation suggests the opposite. So is the case with affordable article writing services, which is that cheap is low-quality content. 

Our costs are not cheap, nor they are high. Still, they mediate between the two and are- affordable. 

Why Are We Affordable Article Writing Services?

How Do Our Services Maintain Quality And Affordability?

How we offer affordable article writing services has more to do with the strategic methodology we have designed. Our method of outsourcing and delegation does not compromise quality, nor does it increase costs. We choose our team of writers from around the world and delegate tasks to them according to their competence, which we initially gauge during the hiring process.

Our company picks out the best writers for all the various affordable article writing services offered to businesses. Then, we directly link your budget to writers, thus explaining why we have affordable article writing services. 

Compared to other providers that propose a budget, we require our clients to bring forth a proposition of their willingness to pay. Then, through that willingness to pay, we target the best writers most appropriate for your budget. For example, suppose you are someone living in the UK and availing of our affordable content writing services. In that case, we will outsource your work to our writers, whose regional exchange rate will benefit them. Resultantly, both the writer and the client find satisfaction as the incentive increases for the writer to work harder and produce high-quality content for you. 

To further simplify our affordable article writing services, if you are someone willing to pay $15 for your project, entailing a task of generating five high-quality blog posts. Then, preferably, we will delegate your work to an Indian member of our writer’s team. The amount you are paying may be a pittance for you, but when converted to Indian rupees, the exact amount will be steep for a writer.  

Types Of Affordable Content Writing Services At Its IT Group

Out of the many affordable content writing services we provide, the ones you can avail from us are the following. However, the listed services do not confine our expertise, and we have writers who can cater to you in other domains. 

Product Descriptions 

Affordable article writing services we do for product descriptions focus on featuring and describing a product. Our plan for writing product descriptions revolves around determining the consumer market because this shapes the writing most desirably to appeal to the consumer market. 

Blog Writing 

A blog writer’s task for your affordable content writing services is to majorly write blogs with the goal of the content to secure a ranking. For this, we train all our global writers to produce blogs with the understanding of the relevance of content optimization, keyword research, and Google guidelines, and through utilizing our unique SEO strategy.

Service/ Sales Pages 

Our service content writers ensure prospects see valid and persuasive reasons to buy your service or product. For affordable article writing services, writers employ a conversion strategy- transforming a prospect into a buyer. They write in a client’s voice to speak to the buyer explicitly, personalizing the content to clear out any suspicion a prospect may have regarding the product. 

Specific Landing Page Writing Task 

All landing pages we make in affordable article writing services have precise elements, including a CTA (call to action), captivating headings and subheadings, testimonials, and proof written to persuade the reader to look for more on your website.

Writing For Social Media 

Social media affordable content writing services are demanding. Nonetheless, we will execute the task on your behalf effortlessly, ensuring the content we write is per the tone and the atmosphere of each social media platform. 

Best Practices Followed By Its IT Group For Affordable Content Writing Services 

1) Our Writers Adhere To SEO Knowledge 

After undergoing detailed and exhaustive coaching, all the writers at Its IT Group have learned about the nitty-gritty that composes SEO knowledge.  

From knowing everything mentioned above and much more, our writers for your affordable content writing services will delve deeper into the individual depths of crafting SEO to ensure every client is satisfied with their outcome. We consider every kind of backlink when optimizing content, and our skilled writers are proficient at reaching out and constantly drafting persuasive and professional email pitches. Additionally, incorporating keywords naturally and using appropriate headings is another skill our writers have a knack for. 

If assigned to optimize and create websites as part of your affordable article-writing services, our goal is to design a user-friendly website. We will ideally optimize this website and include attractive landing pages, captivating and relevant calls to action.

Access To Premium Writing And Research Tools 

Writers at our company have access to premium writing and research tools such as Yoast and Semrush to produce the most superior content for affordable article writing services.

You can easily add Yoast, a WordPress plugin, to the content management system for websites to perform better in search engine rankings. By providing insightful pointers concerning the technical aspects of SEO, the tools help optimize content. However, the services offered by Yoast Premium are more resourceful because it is a time-saver, give a gateway to specific tools to enhance an SEO article’s readability, make maintaining a site more manageable, and give recommendations to build an excellent structure for your site to aid functionality. 

Another tool we use is Semrush, which is for keyword research. This software makes conducting in-depth keyword research hassle-free by identifying the exact kind of keywords that we are looking for. For example, through Semrush we will target long-tail, low-competition, and high-traffic keywords for your affordable article-writing services. 

A Diverse Team Of Various Topic Experts

We do not have writers who hold their creativity, but it is boundless. Our diverse worldwide team has a hands-on approach to various topics and can switch their writing styles smoothly according to your requirements. All our writers inhabit a versatility that allows their writing style to suit various topics and industries, making them adaptable for your affordable content writing services. Therefore, they can generate any content that you demand. 

Moreover, with writing, our writers keep in mind what would appeal to the reader and what Google would want. For your content to rank, it is essential to please Google algorithms and human readers; hence, our company’s writers know all published Google guidelines, such as spam and helpful content updates. 

Great Research Skills  – Essential For Affordable Content Writing Services!

The excellent research skills of our content writers are the most used, first with keyword research and then with content compilation. Our vision for affordable article writing services targets long-tail, high-volume keywords. Working with such keywords in the initial stages of an SEO is beneficial, and we want you to reap all the advantages when purchasing affordable content writing services from us. 

We also consider topical authority in keyword research and narrow our research down to picking out applicable and interconnected keywords of a broader topic. To bring about topical authority, we will discuss all its aspects when dealing with a subject so that Google can authorize your website to be reliable. 

Semantic research is what we focus on. This is research to decipher search intent and understand the “why” behind a person looking for information. When you know the search intent, we can base the content on that information. 

Natural And Persuasive Writing Style 

Regardless of the affordable content writing services that you demand from us, having a natural and persuasive writing style is crucial. Fortunately, our writers do not lack it! They know when and how to indirectly integrate their persuasiveness into the content to communicate with the reader, convince them, and convey the information they want to share. 

Even when the aim is advertising, informational, or simply stating, writers at Its IT Group are interactive and persuasive to further engagement. Complex messages are delivered explicitly and clearly, and in the writing style, there is always flexibility.


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