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We all know you would have heard a lot about brand building, and it seems really complicated to create one, right? You’d have come across many digital marketing service providers claiming to build a strong brand for you, but no one will be as passionate as you regarding building your own brand! Let’s help you out with some effective strategies for brand building!

What is Branding?

 Well, let’s first focus on what branding isn’t! As an online marketing service provider, we have witnessed many people emphasizing logo making as a strong brand. A logo is not a brand; it’s just a symbol! Then we hear people saying which brand are you wearing, right? Again those are the products/services, not a brand!
So, what really is a brand? It simply is the reputation. When you decide to build a brand: you really have to connect with your audience! It doesn’t matter whether you’re profitable or not, but the only thing that matters: are you connecting with your customers? Visit Apple’s Instagram profile: do you see any promotion, product-related, or accessories showcasing posts? No! They’re not selling on social media; they are just connecting with their customers! They’re posting about their brand’s values: sustainability, productivity, and improving people’s lives with their products! That’s called branding, and if you want to build one, then have the right direction.

Brand Managment With EPIC Framework:

In our complete guide to social media management, we talked about all the strategies you need to do as a brand, but in this article, we’ll just guide you with the foundations of building a strong one.
We’re going to guide you with a brand framework, which was developed by a brand expert at Facebook. Moreover, Facebook uses it to help its clients in building a unique brand! There are four areas where businesses can build their unique brand: existence, purpose, identity, and connection. Together they make the EPIC Framework. We, as a digital marketing service provider, always recommend our clients work according to the fundamentals of the framework. Let’s dive deeper into the EPIC framework.

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It really just focuses on that why a business exists. Your brand should provide a value the why it came into being in the first place? Moreover, Existence also focuses on what problem your brand is trying to solve. It’s one of the important aspects of branding as well! People want to know about the brand’s founders and the purpose of its creation. The best way to get connected with your potential buyers is by coming up with a great origin story! Tell them when your brand was launched? What problem did you face that compelled you to start this business? Connect with people by telling them the thought process behind the creation of your brand!
You may say that it’s great & cool to have a brand story, but how does it help create a brand? The answer is simple: people love stories! Storytelling can create connections in a way simple facts can’t. Human beings love telling & listening to stories. Storytelling is an entertainment & a fun way to make powerful connections! If a business can get storytelling right, then they already have a huge advantage over its competitors.


It is the second building block of the framework and goes beyond the origin story to why a business does what it does. For example, as a digital marketing service provider, we focus on our purpose: we want to help businesses expand in a way they can’t even imagine, and we do that by implementing digital marketing strategies in the right way! There’s a difference between what you sell and why you sell it. You should always let your audience know the “why” part! You should be crystal clear about the purpose of your brand. So, you can make some powerful connections, which will make you a stronger brand altogether!

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It refers to the visual look and the feel of your brand. This includes the logos, the color palette the business chooses, the aesthetic of the images for business uses, and even the fonts they choose.
Let’s begin with logos because they play a vital role in a brand’s appearance. A logo captures the sense of the brand in one image. We know it feels daunting to create a logo that reflects what your brand offers, but we’ve made it easy. If you follow the first two steps of the EPIC framework, then you just need a good designer for your logo. Your brand’s logo should reflect all elements in one image: your origin story, the problem you faced, the product/service you’re offering, and your brand’s value! You really just need to reflect your brand’s purpose in the logo! Don’t forget some keywords that associate with your brand in logo designing.
Let’s move to the next step: curating the color palette for your brand. There’s a lot of psychology behind color & color choices, and a color palette can set the tone of your brand as well. There doesn’t necessarily need to be deep signs behind the color choices of your brand. Pick a palette that feels right for your business, and use it to influence the site design, advertisement, packaging, and more.
Finally, the selection of fonts is another element to consider. As a logo, the font also depicts the feeling and association of the brand in lettering. Remember that your font should be consistent in your social media posts, website posts, and logo! A brand’s identity matters; it’s how people recognize and remember brands. So, make sure to give a thought to it!


It refers to the voice and style of your brand in written and verbal communication. Again, your brand voice is built based on your purpose and the brand’s origin story. Your brand voice simply should be according to the audience you’re targeting. If the audience, who is likely to buy your product/service mainly consists of professional adults, then you might want to consider a formal & informative language. If your audience includes teenagers, then you might want to mix some humor & slang words in your communication to attract them! So, it really comes down to your audience, and you should select the tone accordingly!
There are a lot of digital marketing services that claim to build a brand for you, but our approach is different. Even if you want us to provide online digital marketing services for your brand, a major chunk of work/guidance will be done by you! You need to realize that it’s your brand, you have to decide your brand’s values, and you have to connect with your potential customer with the product/service you’re offering. No agency can feel the way you do about your brand! A lot of homework should be done by you, then our internet marketing services will provide you with that expertise!

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